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Linda Thieman

I’m right there with ya, bearfriend!


Thanks, Linda.

Linda Thieman

Of course, being Luntz, he blames it all on academia, not the long, long list of Republicans not even pretending to care about people.

My favorite line of your observations by far!


Thanks, Linda, but alas I cannot take credit. The author also writes about it. Fairly obvious to anyone but a Republican, probably….. 😉

And they continue to work at privatizing, corporatizing education at all levels. Can’t have us thinking critically….


Funny how both parties are losing people and they blame everything or one but THEMSELVES



Star Strider

‘Academia’ of course has absolutely nothing to do with it. I got several positive comments on my Bernie hat and Bernie button from Millennials who had not been to college but completely believed in Bernie’s message. One, an employee of a local natural foods store, only wanted a Bernie button, Bernie yard sign and Bernie baseball cap for Christmas 2015! Her friends pooled their resources to buy them for her.

What I find comforting (as I watch the nation on the verge of crashing into oblivion) is that the Clintonites and Repugs are equally clueless.

That gives Berniecrats a clear path to the future. There’s hope!


Sweeet story. :O)


Swing state or not, this Floridian will never vote for $hillary of Trump!

#JillNotHill #NeverHillary #NeverTrump


Neither will this central Ohioan.


#NeverHillary #NeverTrump


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