HomeActivismAppropriations chair Frelinghuysen targets activist constituent in letter to her employer.
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Thanks for the background on this Subir! Frelinghuysen should get the appropriate blowback for this, and hopefully it helps Sherrill’s standing. Do you know anything about Frelinghuysen’s #’s in the district?


W.O.W If she had given to a super-PAC, this would be OK to donate because it wouldn’t be disclosed. But because s/he (she in this case) had likely written the Congressman several times, it was discoverable.

Sheesh. This is exactly what Trump warriors want to do, shut down democracy.


Go Mikie!


Huffpost and Twitter reporting that Trump gave code word level intel to Russians in oval office meeting.

Translation: “please like me.”

Meanwhile, nazis in VA are telling us that Russia is our friend.



Senator Bernie Sanders, who remains an Independent, but is a member of Senate Democratic leadership, called Trump’s reported actions “reckless and dangerous.” In a statement, the senator said “Protecting our national security is one of the most important tasks a president has, and Trump is failing at it.”

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