HomePolicyArsenic Or Heat Stroke? For Texas Inmates, A Tough Choice
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looks like inmates don’t really face a tough choice between heat stroke and arsenic, because they can’t avoid either one.


The stifling conditions in Texas prisons is no secret. There have been 14 heat-related deaths since 2005, including 10 in 2011 alone.

I’m surprised more didn’t die in 2011. That was the year that Austin had 90 + days of temperatures at or over 100 degrees and the year of the big wildfires east of here. It was bad all over the state.


This is inhumane, right along with Tent City in Phoenix.
It seems counter-productive too – doesn’t too much heat actually encourage violence?


This is a state prison? Not a contract prison? Inhumane treatment for sure.

What IS done for areas that have high arsenic level in the water and soil? This is not uncommon in many places.

crap, a Salon map from 9/23/2013 is what I tried to link.

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