HomeIssuesClimate ChangeAs Extreme Weather Sweeps The U.S., Is The New Dem Platform On Climate Change Too Weak?
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It’s a business opportunity…
All snark aside, the window for stopping this is closing fast.



One of my favorite Bernie quotes 1


Too weak? I didn’t know we had a climate change platform beyond admitting it exists and it is bad.

Bernie put Mckibben on that committee for a reason (which is all the more reason to love Bernie, those committee choices were pretty epic) and if Mckibben isn’t at all mollified then we shouldn’t be either.


With Hillary as the presumptive head of the party, we will have only a hint of window dressing on a platform that will be forgotten before the convention ends.

There is no coherent vision of a survivable future. In the platform. Just like a modern version of fiddling as Rome burns or waiting for Hale Bop to transport us to a brand new paradise somewhere else. Idiocy.


I am not sure about that and here is why.

If the party wanted to just appease the Bernie wing and had no real intentions of any of it, then there would be no reason to be having such a fight over it right now. Also if you look at the specific things they are not willing to agree to, they are exactly the things you could see they really wouldn’t want to do.

Based on this I think the party is actually taking this kind of seriously in that they do not want the damage of agreeing to anything they have no intention of even trying anyway. Look at TPP, Hillary has already said she is against it and almost all Congress Dems voted against fast track and it would be pretty easy for them to just say fine.


I don’t understand this comment. Did you mean to say they do not want the damage of agreeing to something they won’t follow through on? It looks to me that ovals49 is correct. The Democratic Party officials seem to have no intention of including decisive actions regarding stopping or even reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the platform.


(yes thank you I have corrected that lol)

Well I am commenting more on this:

With Hillary as the presumptive head of the party, we will have only a hint of window dressing on a platform that will be forgotten before the convention ends.

If you read my comment, it is related to them having any intention of going through with what they agree with or are they just giving lip service.

As far as what the party platform will contain, its hard to say since this was just the sub committee, heavily skewed by Hillary and DWS personal picks, where the full committee is like 10 times bigger and represents a broader spectrum of the party. I do agree the Hillary and Friends Wing of the party is not very into doing much about it, but we have yet to see how the party as a whole will deal with it.


Thanks for clarifying the rest of the platform process. I assumed the subcommittee was circumscribing the field of play, so to speak. Perhaps it will turn out to be simply a starting point for further discussion and not the harbinger of the disaster I expect.

BTW, is there an edit function on our comments? I have not found one yet and, being fully human, will surely be needing it going forward.


Should be right after the ‘share’ button’ but disappears after some minutes.


AFAIK Hillary has expressed being against TPP in it’s current form. Plenty of room for further evolution there.

The platform committee did agree to more bike paths. Yeah, that will do the trick. /s




LD, do you have a link to your PW twitter page posted on this site?


Little Twitter birdie and FaceBook F links are side by side, in the righthand column, right under your username if you’re logged in.


The answer to the rhetorical? question is: duh. Read Dahr Jamails piece …folks its now or never and even that isn’t certain. Stop fracking…keep fossil fuels in the ground…stop the 37.5 billion a year subsidies. Fight back against the fossil fuel industry and their shills. http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/22521-climate-disruption-dispatches-with-dahr-jamail

Oh christ if the link doesn’t work…I’m just too old to get it. sorry.


It works, Evergreen2U! Thanks for that article, and I like the links he offers at the end of it.

Have we already reached a point where Earth is in hospice? If so, we as a species may very well already be teetering on the threshold of our very extinction.

And no, the mainstream media doesn’t seem to give a tinker’s damn!

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