HomeUncategorizedAs you consider 2018/2020 strategy & candidates, don’t miss the forest for the trees.
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I’ve been trying to profile the candidates that I feel do this this best (and if people disagree and have alternatives, I’d love to hear about them! Please, please, please profile candidates, create a ‘category’ with their name in it (or not and i’ll do it later) so I can add them to the candidate list. Eventually I’ll have their web url’s connected to this as well.


LBJ was elected in 1964. Great article, thanks.


I certainly hope that someone who can lift that mission runs.

We don’t have time for status quo candidates!


Well done Subir a lot of good info!!!


I sure am glad to see your stuff here, Subir! 🙂 These candidate diaries are so important. Most Americans aren’t political junkies. They have friends and loved ones who are. They listen to them even if they either disagree or think the pj is a bit of a nut. LOL. T and R to all of you doing this very critical work!!

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