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Thanks for keeping up the dialog on this issue Linda.
I received an email from codepink about a protest of Governor Cuomo at the New York State Fair.
Full disclosure, Cuomo has a past history of failing to appear if protesters are around.

Join us on Thursday, August 25th, at Governor’s Day at the Great New York State Fair in Syracuse to affirm our Freedom to Boycott! We expect that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo will attend the opening of the Fair along with tens of thousands of New York State residents and statewide media. CODEPINK and other human rights groups will be there as well. This is an opportunity to reach thousands with our message in support of Palestinian human rights and free speech as protected under the First Amendment.

Freedom to Boycott Rally on Governor’s Day at the Great New York State Fair

Where: Syracuse, NY State Fair Grounds

When: Thursday, August 25, 11am-1pm

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Very encouraging to see the Lutheran action on this! They also join Presbyterians, and Quakers are holding strong on BDS despite a campaign against them for doing so.


Way. to. go.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Hillary trying to stop BDS

How does that position go down with “liberals”

Article by a man who wrote a book that was favorable to Palestinians and attacked up one side and down the other.

The good news is in the last paragraph

The truth is that in a real sense we have turned a corner. The daily injustices of the occupation are too grave and too widespread to conceal. Our government’s continued support for them is too hypocritical to be sustained. I feel quite safe in predicting that, like Trump’s crudely veiled threat, these efforts at intimidation—both official and freelance—will not be met with passivity. They will not work anymore. Too many of us refuse to be silent.

threats and intimidation to those who speak out

I learned this through the conventional method: by speaking out until the threats poured in. I spent most of June traveling the country and talking about my book, The Way To The Spring, which compiled my reporting from the West Bank, where I lived in 2013 and 2014, and where I had been working since 2011. I was encouraged: nearly every venue was full and my audience was enthusiastic. More than anything, I was heartened by the mood of the people I encountered. Despite a rash of recent attempts on American college campuses to shut down critical discussions of Israeli violations of human rights, and to tar a nonviolent boycott movement as antisemitic, it was abundantly clear that people all over the U.S. were ready—hungry even—for the kind of critical and honest conversation about Israel that has for too many years been absent


When I Published My Book About Palestine This Year, I Learned How Death Threats and Abuse Became Normalized:
These tactics must be exposed and the climate of fear they create must not be allowed to stand.


“Hello? I’d like to report a BDS activist.”
Heeding Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan’s call, an Israeli settler organization establishes a hotline to report international BDS activists to the Israeli government.

The hotline’s primary aim is to preemptively warn the Israeli authorities of such activists’ arrival to Israeli territory so that they can be deported.

Erdan directly attempted to rouse Israeli citizens to report international BDS activists on his Facebook page on Sunday, writing “if you have information about someone pretending to be a tourist who is actually a BDS activist in the country – tell us and we will act to remove him.”

Abdulrahman Abunahel, a spokesperson for the Palestinian BDS National Committee, criticized Erdan’s new taskforce in a statement last week:

After failing to counter or even diminish the unmistakable impact of BDS in isolating its brutal regime of oppression, Israel is dropping the mask. It is revealing its true face to the world as a ruthless, warmongering pariah state, and it is resorting to the same repressive tools deployed by apartheid South Africa in its last chapter, before its eventual collapse.

Harsh words, but reporting people for deportation is very harsh.

Kudos to the Lutheran church and any other persons or organizations brave enough to come out on this issue!

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