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Well, the TPP sentence was added a few days ago, because it was not there when Lee Saunders made the amendment that excluded any language about TPP.

Thanks for sharing as I kept looking for an updated platform.


Sanders and his top people explicitly requested Clinton to personally work the phones and tell Democrats in the House and Senate not to vote for TPP in the lame duck session, so that she could keep her word to Sanders and demonstrate resolution against bad trade deals as part of her campaign against Trump.
Clinton, say my sources, was non-committal….

For me, this part of the statement really says it all as far as I’m concerned.


Yep. I don’t trust her as far as my nose. Honestly, I don’t care what she says right now. Yeah, we made the call, said the words (he knew we didn’t mean) he answered how we wanted him to. And so forth.

What color is cynical? I like the colors too much to give one to cynical, but i suppose it deserves a color. 🙂




How about whatever color Pantsuit the Red queen is wearing on any given day? That way no color has to take the full weight of the cynicism.


Rolling Stone was a good read, waiting to see where the movement goes next post election

joe from Lowell
joe from Lowell

That trade language in the platform is progress. It’s nice.

But it doesn’t mention TPP, and its treatment of labor standards for companies operating overseas is still in the realm of the peripheral. What we need are trade policies that explicitly set out to take on exploitive working conditions in companies that contract for the American market, both for the human rights of the workers overseas, and to prevent unfair undercutting of domestic enterprises and workers.

Star Strider

I understand that delegates with ‘NO TPP’ signs are being banned from the floor or having their signs confiscated.

Is there any doubt at all at this point that the party and she-who-must-not-be-named are pro-TPP and intend to push for its passage in the lame-duck session? Otherwise, why bar the anti-TPP delegates and confiscate the ‘NO TPP’ signs?



It’s definitely, don’t trust — AND verify!

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