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Raggedy Ann

Good morning , dear friends, and Happy Hump Day!
Many times, when I log into TPW, new sights meet my eyes! Lovely header, but a bit busy. Also, the right column is a bit oversized. Can that be reduced so that the column list is more compressed and can be scanned easily? You’re doing a great job, Liepar!

Bernie is still influencing so much. But, to me, it’s not over. Bernie won and had it stolen from him, so far. Don’t think he doesn’t know it. If we know, he knows. Shenanigans are still being played in the state conventions. There is nothing hrc will leave to chance to ensure a complete theft of the nomination. There will be much still to come in the run up to the convention. Believe it.

Fire watch: the Dog Head fire, in my neck of the woods, is finally over 60% contained. They hope to get more of it contained today. Thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow, which could help douse the remaining hot spots, or could start a new lightening fire, or wind could flare it back up. Many evacuees have been allowed to go back to their homes. We’re safe for now. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a beautiful day and keep feelin’ the Bern!

Not me, us! In solidarity!

belle de jour

I agree with your comment, and with the fact that the opener of this BNR

“Bernie Sanders may have lost the Democratic primary contest for president (yes, it’s over, even if he hasn’t formally conceded)…”

is not yet true.


Thanks for this LD. I hope you are not working too hard! I think this site is great.


Good morning, Birdies!

Crosspost of the BNR over at DK here: http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/6/22/1541238/-Bernie-News-Roundup-Sanders-Returns-to-Washington-More-Powerful-Than-Ever

Feel free to join those of us who are “delusional” and “despicable” etc 🙂


I went over to The Oppressive Place and T&R..posted some comments and generally gave some of the reasons I support Bernie.

The trolls are getting more and more surrealistic as time passes…I suppose the Brock resign/ask to come back tantrum has thrown a Crick in the Neck of Correct the Record job confidence…hard to keep the mercenary’s focused when their leader gets in a fight with other mercenary SuperPACS over the percentage of $$pro-Clinton money they’re getting….well what can I say, looks like a propaganda poops world is just a dog eat dog life. 🙂

I had to go out in my garden and dig some more thistles out of it just to lower my blood pressure. Even looking at a Woozles and Pootie diary didn’t help.

belle de jour

Same here. To decontaminate, I go out to the garden and self-administer aromatherapy: basil, rosemary, lavender, sage, mint, lemon thyme…

I pretend I am looking after my crops.
But they are looking after me 🙂


Hey send some over here…my kitty eats my herbs and they last only so long 🙁

belle de jour

Tip: If you also grow catnip, they don’t tend to get too far past it.

(But keep your eye on them; if those shameless little stoners figure out how to flip the card to see your expiration date, the pizza delivery charges can be brutal.)


T -R the BNR Good contents nomandated


B4 I read today’s BNR, just want to say I LOVE THE CHEERFUL banner at top of page. Not sure what it’s called – but really LOVE IT.


LD – I must say I’m fascinated by your changing graphics and watching the evolution of your site. I (of course) have several suggestions – I get that you’re into Van Gogh (the man suicided by society) but the header is way too confusing – the site title is lost among the sunflowers and I’m not sure what point your trying to make using this nature theme – it doesn’t say Progressive to me at all. And you might consider changing the color of your article/essay titles to black to better define them, everything is sooo blue; and the trending topics and response list on the right doesn’t need every line to be underlined it just gets too heavy looking – and speaking of heavy the font is too thick and distracting.

And can you please tell me why the image I posted yesterday had part of it cut off?

(btw I’ve got an MA in Art History and love Van Gogh and everything he stands for, and have no problem with yr Cafe Terrace @Night ;^D )


I’m not crazy about the new header, either. I like the painting – big Van Gogh fan – but it doesn’t speak to the topic like the simple bird header did.

Other than that, I like the two column format, with the links on the right. And the rest, to me, is kinda window dressing. The content is the thing!

Had an emergency kitty trip to vet this week, (and, yes, she’s doing well) and it kind of drained the budget. Hoped to be able to chip in this week. 🙁

dear occupant

Good Morning LD and fellow Berners.

‘No wonder so many of his colleagues were welcoming him back with open arms’
‘Bernie Sanders is trying to fix the Democratic party’

Maybe Bernie can host monthly Fireside Chats with his fellow Senators, to remind them of what being a Democrat actually means.


They don’t have time for that, they’ve got fundraising to do.


I think if Bernie has monthly fireside chats with his followers, that the other Dem Senators will get the message. The HRC enforcers (like over at that orange place) don’t see the need to listen to another viewpoint, but somehow I think a lot of people are, even though they have to be too “muscular” to admit it.
I do hope he will continue to speak out in a formal forum that’s not filtered. I can’t number the mornings when I would listen to the speech from his latest rally with my morning coffee, and feel my faith in the future of our country revive and grow.

dear occupant

I agree with you 1000%, so much so that it was my suggestion in our open thread after Bernie gave that speech, that he should hold Fire Side Chats with Bernie.
It would be incredibly inspirational and an effective way to keep folks motivated.

I didn’t bring it up again in the followup TPW Cafe discussion because I don’t know how to make it happen, except HOPE.


Hey DO, let’s make that our first rambling question? What do you think???

dear occupant

Sure, go for it, ty for asking.

And I loved that you followed up and kept track of ALL the many suggestions that were discussed that night and then turned them into TPW Cafe. The creativity and enthusiasm here is infectious.

I am really glad we all are here, thanks all!


Good News from California

From reddit

Dear friends, Our tiny little Los Angeles ballot supervising team, credit mainly to our lead Julie Tyler, just did something really big. Here goes. Provisional ballots have to be counted last, mainly to avoid duplicate votes. They make up an enormous amount of ballots this election cycle–50% of them–and they began their count on Sunday, June 19th, just two days ago.

We noticed that out of the first 4,000 provisional ballots pulled, 1,000 of them were snagged because they were cast as “Democratic” ballots instead of “NPP/crossover Democratic” ballots. If you are NPP and received a Democratic ballot, you fell under the umbrella too. For the record, I have never even SEEN an “NPP/crossover Democratic” ballot. Throughout the whole campaign, we, and hundreds of thousands of others, apparently, assumed a Dem ballot and a crossover Dem ballot were the same thing. Anyway, my guess as to why so many miscast ballots rolled in was either due to a misinformed poll worker, or the voter insisted on getting a Democratic ballot thinking they would be safer that way. After spending so many hours supervising ballots, the main reason I’ve trusted the efficiency of it is because of their unwavering commitment to honor the voter’s intent.

So where did that go? The concern of 25% of the provisional votes being tossed aside due to a formality was immediately reported on Sunday afternoon. Yesterday, our little group banned together outside in heartache and frustration. Then something interesting happened. The chief executive took us into a little area down the hallway on the 5th floor, where we received the groundbreaking report: “I have a bit of good news for you. I want you to know that we looked into it, and we agree that this issue falls under the category of voter intent. We want you to know that we have decided to count every Democratic ballot cast by an NPP voter.” -Aaron Nevarez, Chief Executive Assistant of the Los Angeles Voters Registrar

Now that 66,500 NPP voters’ Democratic ballots will be counted in Los Angeles as of around 1:00pm yesterday, this could mean the recovery of up to 580,000 uncounted votes in California. That’s an eighth of the votes of the state. We have 16 days to get the word out to Secretary of State Alex Padilla and every county in California, who need to follow LA’s lead and get those votes in.

There’s a bit more (and I broke up the original post into paragraphs) as well as the comments over at reddit.


Incredibly good news! Glad they followed the “voters’ intent”. Our system is so messed up when it takes this long to just count the votes!


This is really good to hear, for prior I didn’t think Bernie had any chance to flip CA, but now I am not so sure, since most of thos ballots are going to go to him.

Fingers crossed!


This is YUUUUUGE! Bernie must know by now, too.

Any chance of a site where people can sign petitions or emails to the other counties and the state overseer?

Raggedy Ann

The thieves are being caught with their hands in the cookie jar! Bastards! This is great news! As I said before – they are working overtime to steal this nomination but we, the people, are not giving up!


No were not RA and it pisses them of to no end. Anything can happen and ill wait and see along with the rest of us Berners. Found out on redit that I can legally write Bernie in in Wi and that is my plan unless events dictate a regular vote for Bernie come Nov


Morning all!

Really like the new Van Goghesque site header LD, its far more artsy and colorful than the overly sterile and patriotic previous one.

That video with Cornel West is excellent, he has so much soul and humanity I can see why the establishment tries to belittle him, hes a truly formidable speaker of truth to power.


Testing one two


…how are you?

Three four…say some more :p


Joshua Harris is an exciting candidate for mayor of Baltimore! I love the pre corrupted
quote from Teachout. So happy to be able to tune in here for the good Bernie news! @liepardestin , I like the changing header idea a lot, Maybe once a week so we can enjoy the image for a while? Maybe it will just drive the majority crazy?


Inslee admin showing typical Third Way traits (48 min. in last RT vid, above), appealing order to limit greenhouse gases. He has proposed good things for the environment, but apparently actually limiting GGE is a step too far for TPTB.

And people wonder why we don’t trust platforms, much less politicians.


@liepardestin Thanks for this, LD. BTW: love the new picture/banner! I think we’ve found a theme!


Here’s a picture my son drew, that he wants to share, inspired by Bernie



file not found.


nothing PeachPi!


Great job! Love the colors! Easy on the eye!

It’s also EXACTLY opposite of orange on the color wheel.

Blue evokes blue skies and wide open discourse. Kudos!


So VoA is part of the Clinton Machine, too. It’s always been dubious, but obviously it is now off the rails. Clinton hates Bernie so much, and is so offended that he postponed her coronation – indeed, almost derailing it altogether – that he is not just to be defeated but totally destroyed.

Guess what, Your Majesty? It isn’t working.


When I began hearing about those who were upset about the Formula 1 race held this past weekend in Azerbaijan, I did some research and wow oh wow is their president (Ilham Aliyev) ever corrupt!! But the country has oil and they have both Russia and Iran on their border, so…..

Then I did a google search of Aliyev, literally out of curiosity to see what he looked like, and lo and behold a pic of Aliyev shaking hands with President Obama and standing next to Aliyev with a big smile. Ick. So I looked for more and there’s Hillary doing the same.

But, according to VOA, it’s Bernie who has “obvious scorn for basic democratic procedure”…

Does Bernie Sanders Believe in Democracy?

Aliyev changed the country’s constitution to remove term limits so he could run for a third term – he’d taken over the presidency from his father when his father died – and then rigged the election to the point that the ‘results’ were announced by accident right before the election even took place.



This is a concern – apparently Hillary sounded a bit like an deficit hawk yesterday when she went to what sounds like Trump’s right in her speech yesterday.

Elsewhere in the speech, Clinton did reject “painful austerity that hurts working families and undercuts our long-term progress.” But her rhetoric on money printing and hyperinflation is the go-to tactic for those who favor austerity. It’s a transparent way to express budget limits and force cuts, even in economic downturns when more spending is needed.


joe from Lowell

Yeah, that’s some unfortunate rhetoric.
It looks like she was just demagoguing – the public seems to eat up that sort of talk, which is why it was so difficult to a get more stimulus in 2009-2010, and who can resist a nice “Donald Trump will lead to fascism” shot? – but she really shouldn’t be giving succor to that type of fiscal argument. There are so may other directions from which one could attack Trump’s policies.

Raggedy Ann

She could start by stating what her policies are. Oops – sorry – not in the script.


On what day? Before what audience?


Based on what poll?


politifact today

Says Russ Feingold’s “campaign is powered by small-dollar contributions like ours.”

— Bernie Sanders on Thursday, May 26th, 2016 in a fundraising letter
comment image


Dunno where else to post it, but I LOVE the blue and green birdie and header! Wow, wow, wow! Simple, catchy, and sums it up, blue for REAL Democracy and green for the environment! What could possibly make the point better? And, of course, the bird for our point man in the revolution!

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