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Good for him. If he ever does endorse her, it will have been so long in coming, so obviously reluctant and tepid, that she’ll probably wish he hadn’t endorsed her.

And where is Obama? I thought he was just itching to get out there and campaign for her. All we’ve had from him is that bizarre video several weeks ago.

I think when/if the time comes, Bernie should endorse her via video also.


I agree. Bernie has already made a point by not jumping right in as they had hoped he would. He is continuing to fight for progressive issues and has made it clear, that is his long term priority. That is what matters to him and his supporters.

Obama is scheduled to campaign with Hillary in NC July 5th.

Linda Thieman

What we really need on this blog is a Laugh Out Loud button so we can show public appreciation for lovely, snarky comments like yours! Well done!


Bernie is pushing her as far left as he possibly can before he jumps into the general. I’m sure this is really pissing off the Hill camp but Bernie doesn’t care about being in her good graces, he cares about the issues. He’s getting everything we can at this point without doing anything to risk an advantage for Trump. But, I do expect he will endorse her because as he’s said all along, she’s far better than Trump.

So, brace yourselves, Berners. I think it’s coming next week after Orlando. JMO.


Unless Clinton does something really bad to PO Bernie, I think the endorsement will come about the week before.

I was glad Chris didn’t press Bernie about the personal finances form he’s supposed to hand over to the SEC. I confess that I think Bernie should have gotten that out of the way by now, but at the same time, why is it that someone at the FEC is leaking correspondence between Bernie’s campaign lawyer and the FEC for extension. This is twice this has happened.


I doubt it will happen before Orlando which is July 8th.


I meant the week before the convention, which would be the week after that.

Star Strider

I like to believe he’s waiting for the indictment to be filed. That would solve the problem of his having actually to endorse she-who-must-not-be-named.


That’s not going to happen. WJC showing up at LL’s plane was not a coincidence. It’s possible they wanted to make LL look bad and recuse herself, which then means the investigation goes into a drawer. What a stupid mistake.

This is what we get with either candidate–Trump or HC. More scandals, more lawyers. More headaches.

Star Strider

There’s been so much skullduggery all along concerning she-who-must-not-be-named, that no one with any sense now truly believes that nothing of significance occurred in Phoenix. I hope there will be a serious and aggressive move to take the investigation away from the Justice Department and put everything in the hands of a special prosecutor, especially one appointed by an opposition Congress. July could be quite interesting.

Lynch is now toast. I would not be surprised if there are calls for her to resign as well.


And that will just guarantee that we never here the end result until long after Hillary is sworn in as president. If a special prosecutor is brought in, Hillary will be running for her second term before the an SP could announce the results of their initial investigation.

What I’m hoping for is that James Comey does the right thing and holds a press conference after the FBI concludes it’s investigation and lays out the charges they think should be brought forward against her. The FBI can then say they did their job and dump the mess in the lap of a the JD or an SP and retain their credibility. That should be enough to put an end to Hillary’s presidential aspirations.

Star Strider

Brilliant! I certainly want that result.


This is probably why she’s come out and said that she will take the recommendation of the FBI as to what to do. I’m sure she’s feeling the heat. There are a ton of critical articles, commentaries, and news reports online….


Bernie should not endorse her if he cannot get an extremely strong commitment from these jokers to oppose the TPP or actually mention the fact that Palestinians are people and deserve humane treatment among many, many other things.

Heck, even if he does I’d love to see him give convention the finger and run third party. I’m sick and tired of being stuck with the same two lousy options all the time.

belle de jour

“Heck, even if he does I’d love to see him give convention the finger and run third party.”

Fingers crossed.


Doesn’t sound like an endorsement to me at this point. If he sticks to his guns on getting her to commit to progressive programs, maybe never.


You may be right. Just my read on it. I do think it hinges in large part on what happens in Orlando.


Always so glad to see your name pop up, CaptainPoptart!

Actually, I think they’re eventually going to give Bernie most of what he wants on the platform. Then ignore it after the election because no one, and certainly not the media, will hold their feet to the fire.


Great to see you too, nomandates. Been lurking here a lot and hanging out at C99p. I find it easier to comment over there because you can preview and edit comments. It’s a software issue, because LD has done an awesome job with this site and the content.

I think your comment on the platform is spot on. If she-who-can’t-be-named gets the nod and wins the GE, it’s the last we’ll hear about the progressive platform. And no the MSM won’t bat an eye.


It is important to get a progressive platform in place so there will be additional ammunition to primary her with in 2020 (IF she is elected).


Considering that Sanders plans to take the platform to the convention, it would be most likely (I think) that he would not endorse her until after the platform with the necessary changes is agreed upon there. He does have a precedent in that Ted Kennedy never endorsed Carter after their primary, and if she and her people continue to refuse to change direction, then I see the possibility of an “endorsement” being nothing more than the words “We have to beat Trump.”


Saw the interview. Thought Bernie did a great job. Negotiations with the Clinton campaign continue but not yet reached enough changes in platform to endorse.


That is my take too. I think there is a large IF and much depends upon Orlando. When I look at the platform, the breaking point for me is climate change–ban fracking and a carbon tax at the very least.

joe from Lowell

I thought the updated Glass-Steagall Act and breaking up the banks was a yooooge win in the platform. Given the fight Hillary put up on the issue during the campaign, after being so flexible in her position on so many other topics, I thought that one was out of reach for the platform negotiations.


Coy little laugh there Bernie!


Makes a difference when he is talking to a real progressive host. He’s far more relaxed with Rachel and Lawrence too. Tweety and the mid-day MSNBC folks, not so much.


Nice try there Joe, Bernie still has work to do.


Maria’sHeart posted the full video of this in another post but in case anyone missed it:

joe from Lowell

I don’t think Biden was “spilling the beans” so much as making a prediction: Bernie said he’d endorse if X, Y, and Z, we’re already at X and half of Y, with much progress happening, so in the end, Bernie is going to endorse. That’s how I read this.


They keep trying to make sure everyone believes Bernie’s on board….


So here we are at 3 July. Hillary testified under oath to the FBI yesterday. That is a game-changer. Some of MSM is sounding more negative or doubtful. If she gets the Petraeus treatment, some shit from career spooks and FBI agents will hit the fan. Tick, tick.

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