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Unfortunately for both Bernie and Corbyn the enemy from within the party is the biggest hindrance.


Sorry but it made me chuckle when I saw that this was cross posted at TOP. I can’t imagine that it will get a warm welcome. I do admire your persistence and thick skin.


I went and recced it. Took a quick peek at the comments and they were as toxic as expected. Didn’t help that the candidate he endorsed lost today.


It has been over a year since my last comment there. The diary is a prime example why. They only police supporters of Bernie the others can do whatever they wish without any consequences.


It’s been almost a year since I last log in. It’s like driving by White Castle and stoping to grab a couple of burgers, 10 min. later you realize why its been so long since the last time.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I spent at least one half hour in the comments in DK/TOP on this diary which was posted there

Great to see the dialogue moving in the direction of Bernie’s agenda

This is the most time I have spent there, DK/TOP for months or maybe a year

As Naomi Klein said on democracy now, the UK election might have made Bernie bolder to make the statement that the dems lost, not that repubs won.

I sent a kosmail to subir to recommend that he write a diary on this video by Naomi that we need to get ready for a full bore shock doctrine. Case could be terrorism, economic collapse, etc., etc. and then Trumps team and the republicans could make major changes in a short time and the domestic occupation force could be deployed to shut down dissenting voices

this is a scary possibility

i admit less scary than the end of the human species from The New Climate Regime, but shock is a short term plausible eventVIDEO: HOW TO RESIST TRUMP’S SHOCK DOCTRINE

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