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1900 Delegates and we’re on to Philly!


Go, Bernie!


Ha, ha. Blitzer was insufferable in this interview. Loved when Bernie misspoke and called him Jake around the 5 minute mark. Well, I assume he misspoke!


He said that he was reading the sign (it’s normally Jake Tapper who is the host in that hour, but Wolf was filling in), and he apologized.

He really schooled Wolf about “how one views the world.” Nice answer.


He called him Jake again, later in the interview. Gosh, I’ve missed his voice!


He did indeed. I bet it drove Wolf crazy. He’s so insignificant that Bernie doesn’t even realize he’s talking to him instead of Jake. Ha, ha!


Three times!


I love how Bernie refuses to be baited, and keeps turning the conversation back to the issues. He’s amazing. I don’t know how he keeps his temper, especially when his interviewers are being pretty darned insufferable (like Wolf — um, Jake… um Wolf).


Reminded me of this classic smackdown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qP-ODj6Z1A


Wow… I caught Wolf Blitzer’s disappointed sigh…. Good on Howard Dean!

Fleur de Lisa

Good grief! I’m not a violent person but I so wanted to punch Wolf in the face. Are you going to endorse? When are you going to endorse? Why won’t you just endorse? ARGH.

So proud of Bernie. I’m representing the 13 million people who supported me! They’ll vote for Hillary if she supports the issues they care about, not because I endorse her or campaign with her. He’s a gem.


Blitzer is an asshat. I’m glad Bernie said, “Can I finish?” LOL!


Still fighting for us ,expected nothing less , Wolf tried and tried to get Bernie to endorse her or to say something negative about her.


Gooooooooooo, Bernie!!!!! LOVE.

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