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Don midwest
Don midwest

Bruno Latour cross cultural work to see the earth and humans

I have mentioned the French polymath here several times.

His updated Gifford lectures on Speculative Religion have been translated into English and published a few months ago. This is the best single book that I have read in my life. It brings together science, politics and religion to show how we have been able to not react to the biggest threat to humans, and the best documented threat, the climate.

Another project was a thought exhibit put on in Germany a couple of years ago. It is from a European perspective. Below is the book associated with the exhibit published by MIT press and a stand alone product itself.

He is taking the effort to other non western countries to see how they are facing the complex and uncertain future.

Below I put the information on the book which explains the Reset Modernity project. What is needed is not a revolution, but a reset, like a network reset. In order to be able to understand what is to be reset, one has to understand what is going on. What is going on in Modernity? His book in 1991 was titled “We Have Never Been Modern.”

This year he took the exhibit/event/workshop to Shanghai. There has been little written about what happened, but I did find 4 videos that together are a little more than 10 minutes that give his introduction to the China event and also shows the breadth of his work.

I think he will next do this event/workshop in Iran.

First information on the book

Then the links to the 4 videos.

Reset Modernity!
Edited by Bruno Latour and Christophe Leclercq
Modernity has had so many meanings and tries to combine so many contradictory sets of attitudes and values that it has become impossible to use it to define the future. It has ended up crashing like an overloaded computer. Hence the idea is that modernity might need a sort of reset. Not a clean break, not a “tabula rasa,” not another iconoclastic gesture, but rather a restart of the complicated programs that have been accumulated, over the course of history, in what is often called the “modernist project.” This operation has become all the more urgent now that the ecological mutation is forcing us to reorient ourselves toward an experience of the material world for which we don’t seem to have good recording devices.

Reset Modernity! is organized around six procedures that might induce the readers to reset some of those instruments. Once this reset has been completed, readers might be better prepared for a series of new encounters with other cultures. After having been thrown into the modernist maelstrom, those cultures have difficulties that are just as grave as ours in orienting themselves within the notion of modernity. It is not impossible that the course of those encounters might be altered after modernizers have reset their own way of recording their experience of the world.

At the intersection of art, philosophy, and anthropology, Reset Modernity! has assembled close to sixty authors, most of whom have participated, in one way or another, in the Inquiry into Modes of Existence initiated by Bruno Latour. Together they try to see whether such a reset and such encounters have any practicality. Much like the two exhibitions Iconoclash and Making Things Public, this book documents and completes what could be called a “thought exhibition:” Reset Modernity! held at ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe from April to August 2016. Like the two others, this book, generously illustrated, includes contributions, excerpts, and works from many authors and artists.

gt;Reset Modernity! A Shanghai Perspective: Introduction

gt;Reset Modernity! A Shanghai Perspective: 1- Where Are We?

Reset Modernity! A Shanghai Perspective: 2- When Are We?

Cover of Nature magazine special issue on The Anthropocene

Reset Modernity! A Shanghai Perspective: 3- Who Are We?


Wouldn’t it be nice if things were the same way here!


You have to start somewhere!


Hillary comes up with a new excuse for her defeat!


Hillary Clinton has said the vote for Brexit, and specifically the false claims made in the EU referendum campaign, were a forerunner of her defeat to Donald Trump in last year’s US presidential election.

During an interview for BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show, she said: “Looking at the Brexit vote now, it was a precursor to some extent of what happened to us in the United States.”

Referring to “the amount of fabricated, false information that your voters were given by the leave campaign,” she said: “You know, the big lie is a very potent tool, and we’ve somewhat kept it at bay in western democracies, partly because of the freedom of the press.

“Obviously there have always been newspapers who leaned right or leaned left and they kind of counterbalanced each other. But given the absolutely explosive spread of online news and sites that have sprung up that are very effective at propagating false stories, we’ve got some thinking to do … there has to be some basic level of fact and evidence in our politics. Well, frankly, in all parts of our society.”


True leaders admit their mistakes and don’t blame others. Hillary, you ran a crap campaign that ignored most Americans. You set up Trump as your patsy then tried to run away from yours and your husband’s records when he used them against you. Arrogance is bliss, isn’t it, $Hillary? America simply doesn’t like you. Now please go away.



Jeremy Corbyn tells it like it is.


U.K. opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn will say he wants to fundamentally change the way Britain’s economy runs if he gains power.

In a speech Saturday in central London, Corbyn will quote a remark by Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond that Labour poses an “existential challenge” to the U.K.’s economic model.

“He’s absolutely right, we do,” the Labour leader will say. “Their economic model is broken. It doesn’t work for most people. Even the International Monetary Fund thinks inequality and low taxes for the richest are harming the economy. That’s why Labour is now the new mainstream, developing a new consensus of how to run an economy.”

Corbyn will say his model means investing in communities, rewarding “the real wealth creators — that means all of us” and creating a “state that’s not afraid to act when something goes wrong, but also takes action to make sure things work in the first place.”

Since the Conservatives came within a few thousand votes of losing power in June, Labour has been working on plans for government. Treasury spokesman John McDonnell said last month that these included war-gaming the possibility of a run on the pound.


I just finished reading DrawDown edited by Paul Hawken. It talks about all the solutions available dealing with climate change. You would not believe all the common sense backing all the answers. Simply incredible. It also gave me hope, and even natural optimists (like me) are finding it harder and harder to feel that way living in this regressing/regressive country. T and R to the usual suspects!!


Thanks for the recommend! I’ll look our for that.

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