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Those of you who have FB accounts, you can see a quick recording of Bernie venturing out to the students in DC who are demonstrating their passion and courage for public and school safety:

Hopefully there will be a YT later.

Bernie tells the students they are leading the nation and Congress to do what they can to deal with gun violence. The American people are sick and tired of the NRA.


The link doesn’t work for me, but I’ll try again later when I get home. The issue may be on my end.



The students are shouting, “We love you Bernie, Bernie thank you so much! OMG!! “


The excitement from the crowd did sound like something from a Beatles tour, so someone posted this on twitter:


Hahaha, how funny..in a fun way!


Hot dog! LD got WP to finally work where FB video links can light up!! Use the mouse to turn up the volume.

Please give him more tips for the jar!



Tweet with YT taken from C-SPAN of Bernie speaking to the students demonstrating.


Great stuff!! 🙂


From my town in Central Illinois:

“This shows how much we care about each other, and about every single student out there. It’s not only for us, but for everyone who isn’t here.”

— Lyndsay Jones

h/t News-Gazette



My town’s walkout:

Greater Danbury students walk out of class in support of Florida peers

More than one thousand students at Connecticut’s largest high school walked out of class Wednesday morning in solidarity with peers across the state and the country, mourning the 17 students and educators killed last month in the Florida school shooting.

Danbury scheduled a short mid-morning “free period” Wednesday to support students’ demonstrations.

Very cool to see so many kids get a taste of activism.


“We need stricter gun laws,” said Danbury High School student Cassidy Holmes, to cheers from sign-holding peers. “We demand change and we demand it now. Go out and vote, call your representative, educate yourself on these issues, speak up for what is right, and speak out for those we honor today.”


The videos of Bernie walking through the crowd are incredible — he’s a rock star to these students:


Really great stuff bernin!

p.s It’s great to see you!! 🙂


Thanks, right back atcha! 🙂 I’m often here just reading!


Whoo-hooo!! 🙂


Another pic from my town’s walkout, put in separate comment for maximum-sized pic.

dhs B.jpg

My home town had about 500 take part which was about 25% of the HS enrollment. Not bad for an R town. We also had participation from the middle schools as well.


Good to hear wi59!


I LOVE this pic! (Kaboom!)


I still have a very old button that says: Books Not Bombs!!


Does it look like this one?


It’s a different image. The words are purple and circle a blue book on a white background. That one of yours ain’t too shabby either. LOL. 🙂


Because you rock like that! (fist in air, lol) 🙂


One more, wanted to show you some of those activist-berniebros in DC today. 😉

This link is for this pic and for the ‘Kaboom!’ pic, lots of good pictures there.

wh b.jpg

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and other lawmakers addressed the crowd. The biggest applause by far was for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Students chanted his name and nearly drowned out his speech.



Students around the mid-Hudson Valley joined others across the country to mark National Walkout Day Wednesday, with classrooms emptying in a call to end gun violence.

Hundreds of students walked out of Arlington High School, the largest high school in Dutchess County. Ryan Paolilli, a senior, helped organize the walkout there and provided the Journal with a transcript of comments made by student speakers, along with photos.

A number of districts denied the Journal permission to visit schools during the walkout, including Arlington.

“I spoke with Deputy Superintendent (Phil) Benante after our ceremony concluded, who estimated” that 800 to 900 students attended the walkout, Paolilli said.

During Arlington’s walkout, students spoke about gun violence and victims of the Stoneman Douglas shooting.


ABsolutely FABulous Thread!! It is my earnest hope as a life-long political nut that these kids realize that yes. you. get. informed. Yes. you. VOTE!! It makes a big deal and it. matters.




I have my issues with Esty (she reps my district), but that was a good tweet.

What a statement the kids made today!

Don midwest

Juan Cole has an article today about the fall of the Happiness Index in the US. This is related to the attack on institutions and community in the US. A town in the UK shows what can be done

The town that’s found a potent cure for illness – community:
Frome in Somerset has seen a dramatic fall in emergency hospital admissions since it began a collective project to combat isolation. There are lessons for the rest of the country

Frome is a remarkable place, run by an independent town council famous for its democratic innovation. There’s a buzz of sociability, a sense of common purpose and a creative, exciting atmosphere that make it feel quite different from many English market towns, and for that matter, quite different from the buttoned-down, dreary place I found when I first visited, 30 years ago.

The Compassionate Frome project was launched in 2013 by Helen Kingston, a GP there. She kept encountering patients who seemed defeated by the medicalisation of their lives: treated as if they were a cluster of symptoms rather than a human being who happened to have health problems. Staff at her practice were stressed and dejected by what she calls “silo working”.

Sometimes this meant handling debt or housing problems, sometimes joining choirs or lunch clubs or exercise groups or writing workshops or men’s sheds (where men make and mend things together). The point was to break a familiar cycle of misery: illness reduces people’s ability to socialise, which leads in turn to isolation and loneliness, which then exacerbates illness


The article covers other effects including chemical changes in the body leading to inflammation.

But, while separating us from society as a whole, inflammation also causes us to huddle closer to those we love. Which is fine – unless, like far too many people in this age of loneliness, you have no such person. One study suggests that the number of Americans who say they have no confidant has nearly tripled in two decades. In turn, the paper continues, people without strong social connections, or who suffer from social stress (such as rejection and broken relationships), are more prone to inflammation. In the evolutionary past, social isolation exposed us to a higher risk of predation and sickness. So the immune system appears to have evolved to listen to the social environment, ramping up inflammation when we become isolated, in the hope of protecting us against wounding and disease. In other words, isolation causes inflammation, and inflammation can cause further isolation and depression.

Here is the link to Juan Cole’s article

Happiness Index: From Immigrants to Health, how Trump & GOP are making America Sad (Sad)

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