HomeBernie SandersBernie’s the most popular politician in US. Favorability at 58% among Women.
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Spring Texan

Yeah, I get so sick of the “Bernie bro” crap.


I dont quite have LSM’s photo skills, but thought I’d have a minutes fun…




Yes, and yesterday’s sudden withdrawal of endorsing a centrist didn’t seem organic to me.


Kos would have to admit he was wrong about “Bernie Bro’s” to change his tune so, like any self centered egomaniac, he’ll continue telling lies as long as he possibly can. Why the wide spectrum of support for Bernie? Simple; he tells the truth.


If anyone has been following Bernie he has one set of issues and he does not change them no matter who is the audience.


Bernie is a unique politician in todays environment. Bernie could have an D,R,I or any other letter behind his name and he would have my vote because of the issues he stands firm on.


It must be unnerving to establishment Democrats that Trump is more popular than Pelosi, Schumer and Hillary.

But for me it just makes me smile.

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Shared this link with a friend. Thanks Subir! Appreciate it because I had shared too quickly a poll that compared him only with Republicans. Much better.

Don midwest

Great to see you here Subir!!!!

Have followed you at DK/TOP over the years.

And the corporate democrats heads are so far up their ass that they might have trouble breathing


Here’s a poll result by PPP. The people surveyed had a higher opinion United than Trump Inc. 42% United,40% Trump. Yes the poll was after the incident on the jet.

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