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“the curdled hope” of the Democratic Party. LOL And so many more. :O)

And good morning!

Linda Thieman

Oops! Sorry I posted right on top of you, bearfriend. Didn’t know you’d put something up while I was preparing. Love this guy! Thanks for posting this.


‘S OK! Feel free to post anytime and anywhere, And howdy!


A different Frank article, today at the Guardian on how Hillary can now move as far right as she wants, with Trump pretty much out of the game.

Frank concludes:

My friends and I like to wonder about who will be the “next Bernie Sanders”, but what I am suggesting here is that whoever emerges to lead the populist left will simply be depicted as the next Trump. The billionaire’s scowling country-club face will become the image of populist reform, whether genuine populists had anything to do with him or not. This is the real potential disaster of 2016: That legitimate economic discontent is going to be dismissed as bigotry and xenophobia for years to come.


I saw someone write something about how with Trump looking so pathetic that Hillary can move right now (to capture Republicans), not sure if it was Thomas Frank or not, but my first thought upon reading that was that if Clinton was unconstrained (owing to having such an inept opponent), one would think that she, as a candidate who always seems to want to portray herself as ‘progressive’ would grab such an opportunity to move left!

I mean, if Trump was giving her more of a challenge she certainly wouldn’t be moving left, would she? The Democratic Party takes progressives for granted no matter what!

P.S. I hope Frank is wrong about Trump damaging the image of ‘populists’. When I think of Trump I think of a spoiled, entitled, blowhard who jumped into the game at a time when voter disenfranchisement is a such high level that just the fact he’s not a traditional politician made him attractive to some. I do not think ‘populist’ really.


True. She was going to move right no matter what. I do agree that Trump’s implosion has given that move right a sort of giddy burst–and picking Kaine was part of that strategy.

And I so hope Frank is wrong about Trump giving populism a bad name. I hope he helps us populists stay in action!!!!


Remember, Trump is “against” the TPP and not “for” privatizing social security, stuff like that, so she might have had to pretend a little longer.

Not that Trump actually holds those positions. Great foil, though.


It will be sad if the CTNuts end up correct w/the coziness between tRump, and Bill and $hrill. People don’t show up at weddings if they truly detest the ones getting hitched.

belle de jour

With Trump out of the way, of course Hillary is going to follow her natural proclivity and go right.

Not only will this incredibly cynical, entirely predictable move help the people she owes, but it will also position her to better face a republican threat if they ever find a real candidate before her second term.


Haha–that’s right! I hadn’t thought of that.

Maureen Dowd on the same thing. You sort of remind me Dowd, in a good way.

belle de jour

Really? Thanks – I’ll take that in a good way 😉

(I don’t usually read her, but I’ll follow the link)


Appreciated this critical conversation. I think I’ll order the book, “Listen, Liberal.” Thanks for sharing!


Glad you enjoyed it, KayCe. :O)

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