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Glad to see the BNR here, @liepardestin.

I’m going back to sleep now, and will crosspost at DK a bit later this morning.

Hope you don’t have to work too hard today.


As the BNR is getting to be a place on TOP for criticism, and rancor, wondering why it is still be published. If TPW is the only source for BNR, it would greatly INCREASE the readership here.

Don’t have to do a GBCW at TOP, just say it will be published here. Anyhow, I’m now with RA, not going to be reading anything at TOP.


You are a trooper! Thanks for hanging in there and navigating through all of the nasty trolling, so elegantly, as you always do!


Thanks, everyone! I think the trolling will die down quite a bit after today’s events 🙂


Here’s an article that proves why Bernie should be Pres. and NOT HRC. https://consortiumnews.com/2016/06/28/trading-places-neocons-and-cockroaches/

Raggedy Ann

Happy hump day, sisters and brothers!
Great news in the BNR. The MSM us tying itself in knots because Bernie is the energizer bunny – he just keeps going and going. They try and shut him up and he gets louder and louder. There’s a lesson in this for America.
July will probably bring many surprises, let’s be ready for some good news as truth gets revealed about the goings on at State. Her majesticness might find herself in a tight spot in coming weeks. Hoping for a big reveal before the convention. Will it happen? Here’s to hope – the only thing that pushes us onward.
Have a beautiful day, my friends!



This is great…fraud by the DNC and Downer Debbie being called out legally!


I had contacted them by email, though hadn’t heard anything back yet. Thanks for the update, Dro! I’d been wondering how it was developing.

And I especially appreciate his words of encouragement, and his sense that it is possible that Bernie may still receive the nomination at the convention — that the superdelegates may see that voting for him is the better choice. I’m still hoping!


Thanks for the news.


Wow! Just great to see you back in the saddle.


As a Utah voter I’m super psyched Misty Snow won the senate primary! How friggin’ cool if we could take down Mike Lee in November!!!

Raggedy Ann

It is great to see that she won. Good luck taking down Lee – I hope you are successful!

dear occupant

Good Morning everyone,

The Platform Drafting Committee is, in essence, enabling Clinton to run against certain provisions within the TPP up through the election. Then if she wins, President Obama can attempt to pass the trade agreement through a lame duck Congress without Clinton ever having to go back on her current politically necessitated position.

The ‘gold standard’ of another worthless, wishy washy Clinton waffle which I believe she will regret.

I haven’t seen any polling expressing any overwhelming support for the disastrous TPP. And even trump for all his foolishness has totally outflanked her in his total opposition and is sharpening his attacks against ALL trade agreements. Waffling in this current anti establishment environment isn’t gonna wash with the electorate on this issue, it’s a morally indefensible and politically dumb position to take.


Do you think Trump will keep his word, and stop it and all like it? Cuz that’s saying a lot.


For those who haven’t yet seen it:


Think it’s time to increase the readership of TPW, by having this be the SOLE place posting the BNR.
It has gotten beyond toxic TOP, now just giving a platform to criticize Bernie Sanders for not agreeing with Mrs. Greenspan and using the WashingtonPost CC as a whip.

LD: respect what you’ve created with BNR. Why keep posting it TOP now that we have TPW?


I agree. I think we should go out with a bang not a whimper. Don’t like seeing the recs go down like they are now. And it is getting increasingly difficult to go there for the BNR.

We are flying just fine here!

One Bite

I agree though I understand LD’s reasoning.
I must say though, as there are fewer and fewer places for the HRC band of bullies to attack Sanders and his supporters, the BNR is becoming a feasting zone for trolls and even someone like Teacherken (whose become quite the zealot this campaign season), right or wrong, needs to argue about silly things. Amazing study in group think going on over there.

I have pretty much stopped going to DK after 12 years. I think it’s a larger issue than this campaign season. I think the place has started to experience the first signs of its coming irrelevancy as the progressive wing (heh) of the Dem party goes to battle with the centrists, to put it simply. Everything evolves and changes.

Does anyone watch Wayward Pines? When I checked in on BNR today for the first time in a while, the onslaught of trolls reminded me of the abbies from that series! Ha! Good times!


Actually, I disagree. I’m an old DP professional-mainframe-before most of the young ones were alive. I think Liepar has done a great job so far, but he is burdened with the limitations of WordPress. There are still a number of technical issues that abound here and I think it best we allow him time to do fixes with just us loyalists, before being flooded. It is a lot easier to find a bug in a small set than a large one.

The exits from DK are continuing. Kos may even get the credit of Dexit- leaving the party. I see more and more talk of that. I say, give it some time.


I agree with this.

And — from a purely juvenile standpoint, which is an urge GOS brings out in me these days — I love that the BNR continues to be a thorn in their side.


It wa/is home to many…flying into this nest will be hard. I think the current arrangement wherein nomandates posts there and LD posts here is working (even the mean little mouse was nice!?!) although some can’t help but BAD. I think unless we get more of the crap that was flagged by many of us the other day (and for which many received a TO) we just do our best to ignore them. And, when one of us has been sucked into the cesspool we support.

At this point the only diaries I even bother with are MB (less often now), LeftyCoaster, and poor WB Reeves. I don’t see others really (well TomP had one, but he hadn’t written anything in ages). Speaking of which, anyone heard from OPOL?


A super-PAC backing Hillary Clinton has accepted $200,000 in donations from a company holding multiple contracts with the federal government — despite a ban on such contributions.

According to a review of contributions by The Hill, Boston-based Suffolk Construction made two contributions of $100,000 to Priorities USA, which is backing the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

At the time it made the contributions, Suffolk held multiple contracts worth $976,560 with the Department of Defense for maintenance and construction projects at a Naval base in Newport, R.I., and the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y., according to the government website USASpending.gov.
Suffolk — which, by Forbes’s estimate, brings in some $2 billion in revenue annually — also donated $10,000 in 2015 to Right to Rise, a super-PAC that supported Republican Jeb Bush’s now-defunct presidential bid.


FFS. And there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it, either.


Yes, so much for wanting to overturn the SCOTUS ruling about campaign finance. Brother.

Always bending the rules.



I was SOOOOO glad to find this site last night from one of TomP’s posts!!!!

I tried c99 but my experience there just wasn’t very …. (a topic for another time, maybe) …….

I still firmly believe Hillary is going to be indicted prior to the convention.

#BernieOrBUST #StillSanders


Be still my beating heart! :O)

TELL the DNC Platform Committee
Strongly Oppose the TPP in the Party Platform

from Bernie, with love. @chasingorion @bern_so_good </a< @LieparDestin


Thanks, LD for another great roundup!

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