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Good morning Birdies!! Love that he emphasized why local primary is set for June 28th…just a few days before people leave for vacay or are dealing with end of school issues (local ed departments run until sometime in late June with NYC’s last day precisely 6/28!).


Good morning, Birdies!

Here’s the link to the BNR over at DK:

If it stresses you out to go over there, please don’t feel as though you have to do so. I usually only post these links here for the sake of convenience.


I always head over there especially on the weekends for DarkSyde’s science and the nature gang (Oceandiver, etc.) Pissed off but not surprised about the DLCraporate defeat of anti-TPP language in the Platform. T and R, and hi LD and Ms. LD (Jocelyn?-not sure)!!


Then you might want to head into LeftyCoaster’s diary. It is corporate central 🙂


Checked it out. bobswern commented in it. He knows his economic politics. I’ve learned plenty off him. Just like with Don midwest, LSM and MB. TOP is still deteriorating unfortunately. I joined in 2008 during Obama’s first campaign, and I barely recognize the site now. 🙁


Did you see the comment re unless your bank account equals 10 billion you shouldn’t be listened to? Sad thing is I really couldn’t tell if the person was being snarky. Shortly thereafter I left because I was feeling so angry…


I stop by for BNR, the science and nature stuff, and Animal Nuz. I haven’t quite managed to quit yet, but I limit myself to those topics, and once per day maximum. Sort of like quitting smoking, I guess.


Hi orlbucfan nice meeting you and welcome to the TPW family.


Thanks for maintaining such a reasoned and positive viewpoint over there amid all the slings and arrows. Reminds me of high school, but will keep going and try to post a comment when I can. Rec’d 10000x.


Made it just for you!!! {{{NoMandates}}}

nomandates suit.png

rofl Thank you, @chasingorion!

Ellen North

Lol, this is particularly funny to me, as I’d just made a comment about wearing a hazmat suit when venturing into TOP, before seeing this.


Thanks for always posting the direct link. That way, I can just click on it, sign in, T&R it, sign out and get the hell out of there. While I was there this a.m. I also T&Red Lefty Coaster’s diary.

It’s a good thing I don’t still comment over at The Oligarchy Palace because if I did I would be projectile-snarking in technicolor with graphics this morning.

dear occupant

Good Morning everyone. Looks like the mods have been already active in the BNR this morning, one of my replies to a now hidden comment is gone along with some others. Glad to see it.


Good morning Nomandates and all you great Birdies! I’m on my way over there to T&C the BNR…thanks for the heads up everyone about the crazies…I’ll also drop in on Lefty Coaster’s diary.
Thanks everyone for, as Bernie says, having the guts to stand up and for having a sense of morality.


Thanks. Had not been there in a couple weeks. Appreciate the link so I could go right there without seeing the other stuff on the rec list or front page. It is nice not knowing what is being discussed there.

Recommended and tipped.

The decision on the TPP is bad, but some progress on other issues.


Good to see you, @TomP!

And thanks to everyone who went over to tip and rec. Things have been kinda slow there for the last 2 days, but that’s to be expected, I guess.

Ellen North

Thanks, did go over to read and rec; I now only go there when following links, and wearing a hazmat suit.

emorej a hong kong

spelling: Eric (with a “c”) Kingson.

Kingson’s personal impact on the national social security debate has been huge, as is celebrated in this music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trWxI9qDqdo


That video is great, thanks for the link!


Morning all , coffee in Bernie mug and ready to gain new knowledge, Not surprised about last nights platform events but a little disappointed. Bernie is gonna make it interesting that’s for sure, After last nights platform votes I see very little “unity” happening in Philly with Bernie supporters due to the results. Basically Berners were told to vote for her and STFU.
Going to do a “fly by” for nomandates in a bit and then “fly home”


From one of the articles in today’s BNR:

Bernie Sanders told supporters Friday he’s “working with” Hillary Clinton’s campaign about including “very serious” progressive proposals into the Democrats’ campaign platform that will “transform America” — and perhaps persuade his supporters to stick with the party this fall.

Nothing I witnessed in that livestream last night has persuaded me to stick with the party. It was repulsive. Literally. I was repelled.


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The drafting committee rebuffed a proposal by Sanders allies to put the party on record saying Congress this year should not take up a trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Both Clinton and Sanders oppose bringing the measure before Congress this year for an up-or-down vote. Clinton allies nevertheless thwarted the platform proposal.

I think that the Clinton delegation, as with Hillary’s supporters, bucked the measure about TPP simply out of loyalty to President Obama, and maybe they want him to succeed with TPP. They probably believe that if they didn’t support TPP they would hurt Obama’s legacy. Obviously the DNC and Super Delegates want TPP to succeed.

I also believe that is a big reason they (especially AAs) supported Hillary in the first place was all about continuing support for Obama through her candidacy. The Democratic Establishment certainly wants things to continue as under Obama’s leadership.


I think its more about Hillary only giving lip service against it and her surrogates knowing in reality she is for it. I mean I know shes really for it, so I am sure they do too.


Oh, most definitely she is for TPP! Bidness as usual after Obama.

dear occupant


She did say before the first debate that she was not in favor of it ‘in it’s current form’, but it’s been crickets since. And I haven’t seen any mention of it in any of the pre approved ‘interviews’ she’s given, in lieu of a press conference.


Yes, those very words “in it’s current form” stuck in my head, too! …. as Bernie said in his recent interviews, “The Devil is in the details.”


Hey, could we give some love to genius at wrok’s diary? He’s addressing the NY cane incident and a blog’s hypocrisy

dear occupant

Yeah I T & R’d earlier and the first few comments, I see that was 250 comments ago.


I just came back from TOP and was going to bring that diary up here..I T&R’d it with several comments.

The hillbots are dismissive of the whole thing and are going.. Meh..no big deal

…Sorry, but a young female PoC Bernie delegate being physically assaulted by an older white male Clinton delegate, while trying to bring a Motion to the Floor, is a BIG DEAL.

..and the Sargent at Arms of the NY Convention did absolutely nothing about it..he just told the young woman to sit down and forget it…cause..you know..it was Meh..No Big Deal.

I hope people go over and support this diary.


remember how viral the chair that never was thrown got coverage all over. Someone actually got physically assaulted . very little coverage and like you said grapevines Meh –very sad;.Was the guy even asked to leave? if I would be willing to bet if the roles were reversed security would have been all over it. we are going to have to fight for every inch -every step but winning the jopurney is the reward . Stay focused fellow Berners

Ellen North

Went there, recced, made the error of starting to read the comments and therefore was forced to shower the TOP layer of stench off before posting to thank you for the link.


Yeah, I just came back from there doing the BNR t&r and I’m shaking with anger. That place has lost its damn soul.

Ellen North

Yeah, the soul-suckers chased all those with souls away to achieve that effect. Perhaps even they realize that the contrast makes them look worse than when they’re all festering in rancid agreement together? Too disgusted for words, at least those not involving swearing…


There’s a post up about the need for an infrastructure work program that explicitly said, hey this isn’t about Bernie. Sure enough within the first few comments it became a BS bashing fest. They are more interested in using BS as the new Republican enemy to sh!t on than actually addressing policy and progress. F*cking phenomenal, truly f*cking phenomenal.

Ellen North

Bernie and The People are their enemy – this is about an attempted and almost completed (IF accepted as a hopeless and inevitable doom by The People,) corporate/billionaire coup battling democracy. The People greatly outnumber the top fraction of the 1%; they are right to fear us all.

And they have nothing but lies, spite and propaganda to obscure the reality we face as they desperately attempt to deny reality itself…


Thanks for the Bernie news.


Thanks, LD. I appreciate the hard work you do to bring us all the Bernie news!

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