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morning Berners!


Thinking about TYT’s discussion: I think they are correct: Let Iowa keep their caucuses and (I’ll add) NH be the first primary and get rid of the rest of the caucuses in exchange for open primaries. As currently configured the two core parties have some life in them yet, though it is hard to say for how long.


As a compromise, or good start, States could consider how Oregon does things. We’ve got statistically accurate and trustworthy elections, running over 15 years now. Primaries are “openish” in that people can jump in on a Party Primary really easy. Works on your phone and takes a coupla minutes…


Thanks LD. The cause continues. Recommended you also on dkos. Done for the day there.

This is a good place, a place where we respect others. We must never let this become another version of Dkos with the insults and hate.I don’t think it will. BNR reflects your personality and you attract others who will not go down the Kosian road of dysfunction.


That Shaun King letter brought tears of happiness to my eyes. So proud of our campaign. Bernie will be forever loved by millions of people and his influence will reverberate for generations.

Angela Marx

Me, too. I shared it on Twitter, which is alight today (like yesterday) with #ThankYouBernie tweets.

This campaign is over, but the Revolution is alive and well… see one of Bernie’s strongest supporters on that:


Thanks LD. Yesterday I logged out at Dkos [Gowrie Gal, lurker since 2004 & UID 43303]. I’m done with that place. I now give full attention to Bernie’s winner message powered by truth.

VISUALIZE: President Sanders.

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I logged out too, and for good measure used my “Self Control” app to block the site. I got used to going there to find some spark of good news for a potential Bernie win–got pretty obsessive about it. I recognize the Gowrie Gal tag–I’ve been on DK since 2004 also. It used to have such a high bar for diaries and even for comments, but much that’s on the site now doesn’t even look like it was composed by homo sapiens.


I call it “The Twilight of the Faux Progressive Blog.” This is what Kos wants. I, as a customer, can choose what I read.

This place has such a better ethos.


I went over to Log Out, and then saw the BNR. haha. I guess I will Log Out now…. See everyone over here from today onward!


Welcome Gowrie Girl/VivLaVida. We’ve been allies for a long time. Weren’t you an Edwards supporter back in 2007?


Thanks, LD! This is a particularly wonderful BNR. Lots of love and hope to go around. Odd, isn’t it, that the hrc followers are such poor winners and here we are happy and looking toward the future?!

Love Shaun’s letter. So glad to see him out there, doing well.


I’m pretty tired of hearing that Bernie made Clinton “a better candidate,” as Obama just claimed. An old adage about silk purses and sow’s ears comes to mind.

p gorden lippy

Indeed – better candidate??
We now have 2 proven serial liars as “our” candidates. How’s that for a crapburger? In either case, it’s gonna be miserable to have 4 years of quickly killing the TV volume whenever one or the other of their lying mugs comes on. One’s the open racist, the helped send millions of minorities to prison. Yikes!


Great BNR! Thanks!


Good morning Berners! Enjoy your week, don’t let naysayers get you down.


Thank you for welcoming this millennial into the new home.🙏

Now the only thing I need to hear is that Bernie is staying in until the second round of Delegate voting in Philadelphia.

to be continued … yes?


You know it will. 😀


Love seeing the BNR again. Thanks.


President just endorsed HRC, he just could not wait till the convention!


Great job LD. Keep it up.


Hi again, I haven’t been around as long as many of you, and I’m not ready for a page full of Hillary people, no matter now well intentioned they are.

Still BoB.

You must be thrilled, LD! congrats.

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