HomeMetaJill Stein & Ajamu Baraka Will Be on CNN TownHall on 8/17
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Linda Thieman

I wonder, @fleurdelisa, if this conflict will interfere with the next book club? Or, I thought I saw that book club is at 6pm CT, so maybe we’ll be done by then?

Fleur de Lisa

At least, we’ll have 2 hours in before the town hall starts, and folks can always come back after it’s over.


It might be an opportunity to see if her campaign has any credibility. Attacking Bernie certainly wouldn’t help.


I doubt they’ll attack Bernie. Hoping they can be inclusive, brief, to the point, but inspiring.

Ya know, for all the dissing he got from the MSM, in truth, Bernie is an extremely hard act to follow!


Awesome! Here’s hoping….and praying…. :O)

Wonder if C-SPAN is covering the Green convention.

Jo Crain

August has traditionally been the slow news month. Maybe they decided they had nothing else (that they wanted to talk about.) Although Jill will talk about all the things corporate media doesn’t want to talk about as did Bernie. No worries with either Clinton or Drumpf and probably not Johnson either.


Did I see a Jill Dtein Ad on MSNBC last night? I think I did.

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