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Really like James Zogby. What a wonderful thing it would be if Obama did something for Palestine on his way out. I must admit that I am not hopeful, but would love to be prove wrong.


I really like him, too. We can hope… he’ll be thinking about his legacy. ::wishing::


Ooops… that wasn’t clear. I really like Zogby too, and hope that Obama will decide to do something for Palestine, thinking about his legacy.


Palestinian envoy: Abbas agrees to meet Netanyahu

The Palestinian ambassador also told Russian news agency Interfax that Bogdanov had met Abbas in Jordan three weeks ago and “received his agreement to participate in such a meeting”.

The ambassador said the Palestinian side “had planned for the meeting to take place on September 9.”

But he said the talks had been postponed indefinitely “after Israel’s decision to take a pause and have a think about agreeing.”

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said recently Putin wanted to host an Israeli-Palestinian summit to revive peace talks.


As out of the loop that President Obama seems right now, it still would be wonderful if he could make any kind of progress towards peace before he leaves. Because neither of the top two running to replace him seem to be disposed towards anything helpful for the Palestinians!

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