HomeRegionalCaliforniaCA MD Election update- DNC spending millions to ensure honest elections [not] – DNC/”Super PAC” seem certain to have broken CA election law -SAT 7-22-2016- Annually the DNC spends millions on election integrity/voter rights – more than all the groups that also work on elections $ COMBINED w/ NO RESULTS
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Saturday, July 23, 2016. :O)

As always, thanks. How can the Fed be withdrawing federal election observers and talk “better elections”? (rhetorical.)


What happens after decertification?

I’ve heard nothing since May’s announcement – what do they do? Have another primary? Dig out the truth from all the ballots?


I’m still wondering if the increase in Bernie’s voters in CA and decrease in HC’s is affecting the delegate count, as it should. It sounds as though those figures haven’t been released, though?

And thank you so much for keeping us updated on this!

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