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Way to go, CA Dem!

Don midwest

CA Dem – an apology and a link

I glanced at your last post on election integrity and rushed off to check things out and post some links that I found. I went back and read your well thought out piece and you had said much of what I found out. Next time when you post your list of links, I will read it carefully before running off.

2 days ago I attended the monthly Saturday Salon at Bob Fitrakis’ house. Recall that Bob and Harvey Wasserman have been writing about elections for years.

Bob’s wife said that she overheard Bob and Harvey talking about what is going on. They were excited that finally the election machines and computer counting of votes is being covered in the main stream media. Part of the reason is that Trump is talking about it. Now the work is to push paper ballots and not strip voters. In short, after working on this issue for years, it is finally being noticed.

The main reason for this comment is the 3 hour video posted on TrustVote.org. Bob was not in town on Saturday because he was in CA for this conference covered in this video. I have not watched the whole piece. I did see Bob say that when he ran for congress in 1992 he noticed voting issues and the head of the State democratic party didn’t really care to follow up.

If both parties (factions) wanted election integrity, it could happen in a flash. There are proven methods. The parties want power, not legitimate elections.

Maybe, as the UK Guardian journalist said on Oct 6

What We Are:
Democracy cannot work as it is meant to; human nature does not allow it.

Our folk theory of democracy is grounded in an Enlightenment notion of rational choice. This proposes that we make political decisions by seeking information, weighing the evidence and using it to choose good policies, then attempt to elect a government that will champion those policies. In doing so, we compete with other rational voters, and seek to reach the unpersuaded through reasoned debate.

In reality, the research summarised by Achen and Bartels suggests, most people possess almost no useful information about policies and their implications, have little desire to improve their state of knowledge, and have a deep aversion to political disagreement. We base our political decisions on who we are, rather than what we think.

In other words, we act politically not as individual, rational beings, but as members of social groups, expressing a social identity. We seek out the political parties that seem to correspond best to our culture, with little regard to whether their policies support our interests. We remain loyal to political parties long after they have ceased to serve us.

Don midwest

Forgot the link to the video

It is currently at the top of their web page. This link is to the video URL

Come Learn How to Help Create Elections You Can Trust

This is a tall order. Who to trust these days?

Bob Fitrakis from Columbus Ohio is featured on the video.

Don midwest

CA scty of state served for election fraud & Bob on Lee Camp

a few seconds of a video

California Secretary of State Served for Election Fraud

Lee Camp Interviews Bob Fitrakis

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