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Great work! Thanks!


Whow! What a great job. Hats off for all of your work putting this together.


Good post.


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Wow, Orion! I stand in awe. :O) Thanks!!!!

Those are some cool colors on those birdies, too!


And just to pull out and highlight:

Corporations can “sue” us in Investor-State Dispute Tribunals, composed mostly of revolving door corporate lawyers. They will usually win, and countries have already shown that they will back down and toss whatever legal protection for the earth, for us, they had in order not to pay the billions of dollars of fines.

In addition, we cannot escape from it unless all 12 signatories agree, essentially trapping us in this secret give away of our sovereignty. Yes, NAFTA does it too, and we can fight that later, I’m hoping. But for now,

Although I hope to be writing a letter, as well, if you’re looking for an easy out, go here and let the platform committee know you oppose the TPP.

Looks like Orion made calling easy peasy, too!

Linda Thieman

Amazing post! Thanks for all your hard work. Signed everything and retweeted everything!


Ditto on the signing. Have to work on the tweeting thing. 😉 Linda, who are you on Twitter and i can just retweet, if you don’t mind.

Linda Thieman

I just use my real name on Twitter: @LindaThieman Hey, great idea for RTing!


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This is suicide for the Democratic Party if they continue to support this.

Sign Bernie’s petition: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/s/dnc-tpp


This doesn’t help.


Giving away what little self governance we have so that HRC can preside over it for 8 years? In what world does that make sense?

Anyone in with unions that can organize a protest? Man, for a group that is supposed to represent the common good, they sure are good at selling to the highest bidder, way too often.

Sorry, love unions, but this is serious stuff they’re playing with.


disgusting 🙁


Thank you chasingorion! What a comprehensive post!!

I hope to point anyone interested to this diary with its wealth of information. Even after all this time so many still do not seem to see the dangers of TPP, or have even really heard of it! Not something TrumpTV, I mean the MSM, is covering. Especially since Ed Schultz was given the ol’ heave ho over at MSNBC.

Over there this morning I threw out an estimate of TPP being brought to a vote somewhere between the November election and Thanksgiving. I figure that Obama would want it to happen after the election and don’t they basically take Thanksgiving through New Year off? And I imagine that Obama wouldn’t want to wait until January.

TPP seems like an awful move to me. I’ve tried really hard to do my research and I do not like what I’ve learned.


Ed Schultz just tweeted this video today going off about the TPP in the platform: https://twitter.com/NewswithEd/status/748243737273319424/video/1

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