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Thank you! I am not looking forward to Israel’s behavior in the coming years, with so much out and out cheerleading here.

Ellen North

Merely further preparation for such as the corporate/billionaire coup of the TPP et cetera, where the people are supposed to shut up and supply maximized future profits to every one of the ‘right people/interests’ involved, even when they literally die trying.

But Americans have been seeing their Constitutional rights denied at a greater and now ever-increasing rate ever since the appointed President Bush-2, the originator of these corporate coups – and none of this will be stopped until it is stopped by the united voice of the people and the Berning out of the corruption in politics and regulation against the public interest.

3 million cheers for the protesters!

Alex Ocana

Human Rights
Violations and
Popular Struggle
in South Hebron Hills

May 2016

Day to day life in the West Bank.


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