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Good post. We still are paying for that war.
Hillary voted for it.


The timing of this report, on top of Brexit, combined with the attempts to oust Jeremy Corbyn sure do make for some interesting times over in the UK.

This was 40 seconds ago:

In the Commons David Cameron is still responding to questions. Adapting one of Tony Blair’s most famous comments, the SDLP MP Mark Durkan said that this was not a day for soundbites, but today was a day when “the hand of history should be feeling someone’s collar”. Cameron laughed, and said MPs had to take responsibility for their actions.

That was from the live coverage going on right now.


Does this sound familiar??

In the Commons the Green MP Caroline Lucas told David Cameron he and his party should take responsibility for their decision to vote for the war. In his reply Cameron said he did not see the point in going back over old arguments.



200 people were killed just days ago in Baghdad as a direct consequence of our invasion of Iraq. The havoc we wrought (for no actual reason) is ongoing.

Would their families agree there was no point to confronting the architects of all this destruction with their lies?


Hi Elmo! Good to see you.

Yes, I totally agree with you! To the politicians it would just be, “going over old arguments” (and maybe setting a precedent that might bite them in the rear-end down the road), but to the families of the victims of the violence it would, hopefully, be justice, accountability and, in a perfect world, a measure of closure!


The standard elite replies: “Let’s move on, b/c the future, optimism!”

And “If we did it, it’s legal!”


Spring Texan

Here’s something I enjoyed from someone who detests Blair as much as I do:

Watch this satirical newsreader nail exactly why Tony Blair is a ‘psychopath’ (VIDEO)

That thecanary.co site and this one — Defend Democracy Press — have been very helpful in following the very interesting British politics going on. Good article yesterday: http://www.defenddemocracy.press/the-elites-hate-momentum-and-the-corbynites-and-ill-tell-you-why/

Go Corbyn and Corbynites; down with the Blairites!


The 1% act with impunity. It’s time to put a stop to that.



Jeremy Corbyn told to ‘sit down and shut up’ in Commons as he criticises Iraq War after publication of Chilcot report

‘Labour MP for Dudley North Ian Austin heckled the Labour leader, telling him to “shut up” and shouting “you’re a disgrace”.’

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