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The Republicans are truly rotten to the core. But with the exception of social values, the Democrats seem unwilling or unable to articulate this difference to the American people. Good big money and bad big money are the same to lots of us. Both parties are corrupted by money just in different ways.


Didn’t Ayn Rand take her social security and other benefits in her “golden” years?
Seems to me she wasn’t as libertarian as she led her readers to be.


Yep, she sure did. Now, you’ve got obnoxious hypocrites like Paul Ryan who have survived on the taxpayers’ dime their whole worthless existence! T and R, subir!! 🙂


To be a republican today is to be a willfully ignorant hypocrite.


Very well said. “I got mine” is the anthem of today’s jerks and assholes. Social justice has to be forced upon them.

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