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I added a picture for you! Hope you dont mind! I can switch it back to blank or to something else if you prefer!


Love that cartoon, LD!


I hope this is true, but the silence from the Supers is disquieting, but for the new few who have switched to Bernie from Hillary.

I believe it is true that every one of the Supers is thinking, “Okay, who’s going to be first to switch to Bernie?” They can’t think individually, they are like a clique waiting for some else to make the move. Who is the leader of the pack who would convince them all to follow suit? Is the most influential Sen. Harry Reid? I have no idea, but I cannot imagine how the Supers could in good conscience not turn to Bernie if he wins California, most especially the Supers from all the states that he has already won. If they consider that the southern states that Hillary won usually don’t win for Dems in general elections, and they really want someone who can beat Trump, well then, there’s no other choice but to nominate Bernie, not to mention Democrats need all the independents and all the new voters Bernie has brought to the Party!

We will hope for a huge win for Bernie in California, and every other state on Tuesday. I don’t hold much confidence in NJ going for Bernie, but you never know. After Chris Christie’s shenanigans, maybe voters in that state are fed up with the status quo, and after this long primary have been listening closely to Bernie.

The FBI needs to get their findings out sooner rather than later. Everyone I talk with has the jitters about this investigation, and of course, I’m speaking to Bernie supporters.

Thanks for the article.

Empower Ink

I was really very and most sincerely sorry that Jerry Brown endorsed HRC. And now the ban on CA off-shore fracking has been lifted.And to complicate all that, I’ve been reading that HRC is refusing to meet with the FBI to answer questions. So the Dem nominee will be under threat of a subpoena to answer FBI questions?! How fucking arrogant is that, especially given all her statements that she would be happy cooperate?

I just cannot live healthily through another Clinton administration of lies, investigations, more lies and subpoenas. Given the OIG report, HRC was careless with national security too. Shouldn’t that be a huge red flag warning?

Don midwest

Here is the link to the article.

Bernie Sanders Erased Hillary Clinton’s 15-Point Lead In California And Could Be Headed To A Bigger Coup — There Is Evidence That Clinton’s Nervous Superdelegates Are Ready To Jump Ship

I spent time today on Paul Thompson’s Time Line work.

Gotta blow the dust out of my desktop right now, so will say more later.


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Hi Linda… Im trying to figure out your commenting issues! If you get a chance can you try and respond to this?


I totally agree about the supers. They are a herd and are a bit skittish at the moment, especially after the Inspector General’s report which proved Clinton has been lying about many issues related to her email problem. If a few switch, it just might embolden others to do the same. However, the Clinton’s reputation for being vindictive gives them pause. Wish they had a bit more of a spine like Tulsi Gabbard.

I also think that this potential rules change could be seismic. Clinton would still be ahead in delegates but not by so much. It’s about shaping the narrative after all. Then all those supers that are not tied to states really will need to make a decision. I’m hopeful but the Clinton Machine is not to be underestimated.

Bernie 2016!


I don’t understand why more was not made about her lying. I saw a tweet saying that she refused to be interviewed by the FBI. Still people vote for her,doesn’t make any sense to me.

Jesus Worshipping Atheist
Jesus Worshipping Atheist

The problem is that we will never know how many people actually voted for her in this country.


If this is true, it would explain the huge push by Clinton forces to delegitimize Sanders’ challenge and pressure superdelegates to stick with Clinton even if the email scandal—or a Clinton Foundation scandal—blows up.

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