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Don midwest

Bruno Latour in Harpers Magaxine!

Here is a general article by Bruno. He has been making these points in other articles and talks over the last couple of years, but here is an article fit for a general audience.

The New Climate

In other articles he says that The New Climate Regime has been the major political actor for the last 30 years. He dropped the last word “Regime” in the title of the Harpers article. But he has written about The Modern Constitution for decades, and under that constitution, The New Climate Regime is the most important political actor.

My memory has never been very good, but I pick up another one of his articles or books and re read it and am struck by the insights and importance of his work.

Just a couple of examples. He has a fairly long article on Sovereignty, which has a deep discussion of boundaries. In particular, what are our boundaries that delimit our “selves”?

I will discipline myself and only provide the link to the Harpers article today

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