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Don midwest

The most important factor, by far, is that the Republican Party employs the same set of personality smears and mythical, psychological, and cultural images to win elections.

Then right wind noise machine, establishment media take it up and portray democrats as hapless looses. As I look back on what I just paraphrased from the book, can see how far down the road to a US coup d’etat we have gone and now most people don’t know who to trust.

.. One of the earliest pioneers of this manipulative right wing marketing was John Wayne. .. draft dodger in WWII, playing war heroes in movies and spent the rest of life portraying a patriotic tough guy — cheering one war after another — castigating those against wars as cowards and subversives ….

Now with the enactment of the Republican strategy, it seems like an outside chance for a soft landing of our military and financial empire. The well written book written a decade ago now seems quaint.

Don midwest

From Glenn Greenwals’s 2008 book “The Great Hypocrites”


No tech gremlins to report for today. 🙂 T and R to the usual suspects!!

Don midwest

Portugal recovers by ignoring neoliberal priesthood’s recipe of absolute disaster

There is another way…

Saw recently that the problem is not ideology in the US, but the US is an ideology.

Fits with Bruno Latour who says that we are in the most religious time in history.

Don midwest
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