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Hi, LD. Couldn’t get the image to go up top. It’s from Bernie’s FB page. Also wasn’t sure how to cite it, other than this.

Just a little one, and I’ll be in and out. Thanks for the opportunity to play around.


Hi polarbear, I updated the faq with a how-to on inserting an image! Play as much as possible! Let me know what works and what doesnt. I’m trying to get the damn comments to work via cellphone, etc.. and nothing I’ve tried works so far.


well It turns out that now the FAQ page is not working. On the bottom right hand corner of the create post screen (where the bottom of the rec list would be on dkos), there is a ‘feature image’ button. That’s the one for inserting an image.


nevermind 🙂


Hiya Polarbear,
If there is anything Bernie has done it is to expose the party. It took an outsider to do it, of course, which is why all the purity tests and complaints!


Yes, more and more, we are truly considered inferior, it seems, by the very people we “elected” to serve us.

belle de jour

Excellent article, thanks very much for the link.


They have become GOP light.


“If the party threw its weight behind a truly populist platform,” Taibbi argues, “it… would win every election season in a landslide.”

Proof of this: FDR was elected President four times with the large majority of the electoral, and popular vote and Democrats held overwhelming majorities in both houses of Congress for most of his presidency.


Yes. It’s like they are upside-down.

Rather than wanting office to better represent the people, they are taking in money in order to better the lives of the people with money, leaving us literally out in the cold.

They’d rather lose than lose the money. That’s on them.

A little OT, but do you think Trump could actually get anything passed, get the MIC to do anything they don’t want to do already?

He’s such a buffoon, that A., I don’t think he has a chance, and B. Even if he does get in, what’s he really going to do? Maybe Dems will find their spine for a change.

Because either way, this means 8 more years for the earth to go to ruin, for the militarization and corporatization of the globe to truly sink its claws in, for us to lose what little sovereignty we have left. And then they’ll do it again. Perhaps I won’t feel this way come November, but I do now.


There is a lengthy, but terrific, op-ed by Jake Anderson at Culture of Awareness blog (I also linked to it in Star Strider’s post) that I’d love everyone to read. Great food for thought.

There’s One Way Bernie Sanders Can Still Win — but It’s Not How You’re Thinking

What’s really at the heart of the 2016 presidential election is that for the first time, the establishment knows that we know that the system is rigged, and we know that they know that we know. There is a standoff going on, but for the first time, most of us finally know who the enemy is — and the establishment, on both the left and the right, is shitting in their pants.


Reread my earlier post and edited a lot. (What was I thinking? Or not. I still desperately want Bernie in the WH.) Ellen’s reply also spurred me to think further.

A very interesting read, and optimistic to boot. I disagree on Obama, though. imo, he knew what he wanted and marketed himself very differently to create a “movement.”

Also do not know that we can hang on to 4 to 8 more years of the same without losing it all–the earth, our sovereignty, the freedom to pursue much of anything. Want to see Bernie in.

That said, I really liked the last paragraph:

“In reality, it will require enormous personal sacrifices. This goes beyond living green, it goes beyond civic participation, agorism, volunteerism, and community-building. All those are necessary, of course, but they must be supported by a popular uprising of anti-establishment fervor as a force of creation, not destruction. When we tear down the infrastructure of the old world corruption, what will we erect in its place? Until we can answer this question, the political revolution will just be rhetoric. But when there is a coherent answer, dramatic change will be unstoppable.”

Thanks for pointing it out, here and there. :O)


This was indeed a great article. Hope more people read it.

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