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Sybil Liberty

Yes, “we’ve noticed this”.

I got flagged last night at the old karaoke palace as an anti-semite, for just linking to mondoweiss website.

:X (censored)


I love how we voters who chose the Jewish guy – and the Jewish guy, himself – are all anti-semites!

Israeli government =/= Jews. Period. And I finally paid up and joined JVP over this, even though I’m not Jewish. Dissenting Jewish voices are stifled, as well.

Sybil Liberty

^ !!!

“voters who chose the jewish guy & the jewish guy himself”

no. shit. sherlock.




Forgive them, for they (the “Special K” crowd) know not their own larger than life hypocrisy… (and how ignorant and arrogant they appear when writing such precocious blather).

Maybe they should take a cue from the President… From the Washington Post, June 2nd:

Israel-Palestinian peace initiatives are suddenly popping up everywhere

The Israelis also have their eyes on the calendar. They are concerned that the Obama ­administration will, before leaving office, enshrine a two-state ­solution in a speech or a U.N. resolution, in effect laying out the final status ahead of negotiations.


Oh, the Clinton/DNC corporatist hypocrisy of it all: And they claim to be following in the footsteps of President Obama…

Yeah, right. What Clinton says, and what she does, are three different things.

She know$ who butter$ her Challah….

Ellen North

Yup, the butter-spreader specifically including media mogul-for-political/public-influence Haim Saban, the ‘single-issue = Israel’ & electing Hillary guy…


He he he…the very different ways Clinton lies…

Raggedy Ann

Top comment, phatkhat!!!

Ellen North

Waded into the Bernie-thread verges of the cesspool yesterday; could have wept at what’s happened to DKos. It’s like having it taken over by alien lizard-people… dunno if I can bear to go back there again – used to value the site so highly… but here is home now, thank goodness.


I had some fun there today :0


me too….quick jumps in and out….rapid fire in between….hehehe


Caution: Foreign Policy Sharp Right turn ahead.

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Censorship appears to be the Daily Special anymore! TPTB are anxious to begin shutting down the inconvenient truth telling that Bernie has started.

It will get pretty damn deep if she manages to win the WH.

(God it is so nice to be able to express myself without fear here!)

Jacquelynn Booth

Never indulge bullies. It’s OK to sneak back every now and then, when the opportunity arises, to quickly tweak a bully or two ‘s nose. Just don’t legitimize them with reasoned responses, any more than you’d stick your hand in an aquarium of piranhas.

Jacquelynn Booth

Thanks for the heads’ up. Jews are great. Israel govt/military sucks. Did they catch this disease from us, or us from them?

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