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I lost the space b/w paragraphs at the end and the different font I had saved for the five points. no biggie but just letting you know @liepardestin.

Loved this article, but unsure if I’ll be here to monitor for long.

Thanks, readers! :O)

Linda Thieman

Great post and comments! @polarbear4 This is a perpetual WP glitch. One way to work around it is to go into your editing mode and at the top of the editing window, click on text. You will then see the HTML.

Scroll down until you see where you want the break between paragraphs to be and add the break code twice (described below) –even when other codes don’t work, like the paragraph code, this has always worked for me. The first break code will take you down a line and the second will give you the open space you desire.

The code is actually LessThanSymbol then a B as in Boy, then an R as in Right, and then the GreaterThanSymbol. Hope this works.

Star Strider

Using angle brackets anywhere will make it disappear. If I want to quote HTML operators, I use square brackets ‘[ ]’, instead, noting that they need to be replaced with angle brackets in the actual code.

Linda Thieman

Thanks. Good idea. Never tried writing about code before and then having to revise it several times because the code I was writing about was taking over! Learn something new everyday!



belle de jour

Thanks for posting & for the link, bear.

There are some very interesting thoughts to be thought & finally said aloud when considering the disdain several countries and cultures – after building themselves up via some version of a first-stage bourgeoisie – come to disdain and refuse to support it (if not outright seek to escape, deny, weaken, or even destroy it). The working/middle class get lost in the in-between spaces, as people would rather redefine and segregate themselves than readjust to accommodate their relative status in a larger reality and plurality.

*What this article also made me think of, in particular: the entire culture of gated, segregated communities in South Africa… only to find a surging phenomenon of same here in the US… gated communities, private security, walls of fear, precious little middle class to speak of… and all intentional. Not only intentional, but touted as aspirational.


Good point. That these same people benefitted from all their countries had to offer, but once at the top, believe it was solely through some kind of holy merit and should be denied to those that cannot achieve the same level of success.

It still puzzles me, though. Even if they were brought up with a Randian family viewpoint, and especially since they are so “smart,” can they not see that watching a majority of citizens in decline means the country as a whole is in decline?

Buchheit’s bit on North Korea sort of jolted me.

Perhaps more and more in this class are born to it and do not have any idea what barriers most people face.

And of course, the very poor face huge obstacles, as well.


Over twenty years ago, at a teachers’ in-service meeting (supposed to be educational for us) at the high school where I taught, I was first introduced to this kind of neo-con thinking. Our superintendent had heard this fellow speak and thought we would find it interesting (tells you a lot about our superintendent, doesn’t it?).

The speaker actually painted a vision of the few living behind gates, with the unruly masses outside. Our job as teachers was not to teach the masses to think — heaven forbid! — but to give them job skills that would make them employable. In jobs that would, no doubt, keep them occupied and distracted just enough to keep them from storming the gates.

He was predicting this vision — and he was selling it, too. It’s appalling to see how many people have bought it since then, hook, line, and sinker — or at least wound up with the politicians who were bought hook, line, and sinker, and their puppet masters, who have worked so hard to make it reality.

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