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I share your thing for Vincent, and was fortunate enough to see the Van Gogh’s Bedrooms exhibit at the Art Institute in Chicago this spring. More Vincent!

Sybil Liberty

Me too. I was an art major, fascinated with Vincent, and as it happens, share a birth date . That was an exciting discovery.


That’s a great day! 🙂
I share mine with Rodin, but I’m only a few days off of Vuillard, Monet, O’Keeffe, and Thiebaud!

Linda Thieman

Love VG! Used to have framed prints of his work in my bedroom when I was a kid–of my own choosing!

Star Strider

I would be reluctant to have Bernie ‘sign on’ to them or feel in any way obligated to provide them on a regular basis.

However, we do need to let him know somehow that he has a receptive audience who want to hear his thoughts whenever he wishes to share them with us. I would suggest a specific day of the week for each video to post first (perhaps Saturday afternoon, with email notification that one would appear), but beyond that, leave everything else to Bernie. We could then watch them at a time convenient for each of us.


Yes, i agree on not asking for a commitment. He’s just finishing up a tremendously active run, and I imagine he’ll want some time off at some point to recharge, and then slowly create these things. He may already realize that people need direction and would welcome streamed “chats with friends” and perhaps a rally or two for certain candidates/causes.


YES on the Fireside Chat idea!

How do we get Bernie to sign on to creating Fireside Chats?
For years, he did “Brunch with Bernie” on Thom Hartmann’s radio program, so it would be a great continuation of both that and his reaching out to people all over the country through his rallies and speeches. Maybe contacting Jeff Weaver?

What would these look like?
I think perhaps he and Jane and Jeff would have some ideas and connections we might not think of. Perhaps doing it with Thom Hartmann? Perhaps doing it as Livestreams?

How often do you think they are ‘needed’?
As often as needed to keep the momentum going!

Are there other speakers we would like to be able to get for chats?

I think they would also be a wonderful way to introduce other progressives, including candidates that Bernie is endorsing and campaigning for all over the country. I’d love to hear more from Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, Tim Canova, for one. It would also be a great way to update us on what comes of the Democratic platform, and to let us know what we can do to support it.

BTW, I love Vincent’s work, too. (Yeah, I’m a painter, so, duh.) 🙂 If you go to Amsterdam, you’ll love the Van Gogh Museum.

Betty Pinson

Excellent ideas and points. He’s been doing these for years as Brunch with Bernie. He just needs to get them into a format that’s more widely available to the public.
I have a feeling he would be receptive to continuing these.

Devon Bond

I like idea of chats, not sure of the venue for them though.
We need a place that would bring in more people than us, one that every interested person or blog could tap into by hosting live streams of his speeches.
Probably a scheduled weekly chat, with special chats responding to breaking news and events, with social media notifications to Bernie followers of those special chats.
I wouldn’t mind having Warren, Gabbard, Merkley and other progressive minded folks contribute on occasion.
There must be a way for Bernie to put the chat live online, and have blogs such as TPW pick it up for live streaming?


Agree. I like the idea of regular Bernie speeches or convos that are live streamed.

I’m not sure he’d do them once a week except for immediate action items/current events break throughs.

Last night’s speech had nearly 9,000 viewers I believe so if he continues to have a wide audience, I would imagine his people will see to it that Bernie keeps them up.

Beyond that, I’m not sure how we would encourage his team to continue with them aside from perhaps emailing them.


Like the idea of having others in the chats–he’d probably like that as well, a way to expand and explore the basic ideas, without having to constantly repeat himself. so yes!


I could definitely listen to more Nina turner as well, gettin’ us all to pray with our wishbones and then use our jawbones while never letting go of our backbones.


I agree with you about Nina Turner. She is one who speaks directly from her heart and truly inspires action. I like the idea of hosting a number of true progressive voices, along with Bernie. He is not in this venture alone.


If Sanders gave a weekly address, just as a POTUS does, that would likely spark resentment, as he would be viewed by many as acting like a shadow President.

But couldn’t Thom Hartmann continue his weekly “Brunch with Bernie” segment?


That’s a good point but Bernie could do a regular report from the Senate. We need more direct communication with our lawmakers.


That’s a great idea..most people don’t know what bills are being considered, what laws have been passed and just the general going ons/or not goings on there.

It would give Bernie a chance to give people a heads up on important legislation that may be coming up and they could in turn contact their Congress critters with their requests regarding the vote.


but, by the way, I haven’t fully given up on Sanders actually beingthe President!


Me, neither!


Neither have I and will still be hopeful right up til and during the Convention. You just never know what might happen 🙂


First of all, I don’t care if it would spark resentment.

Second, it would not spark resentment if the president were doing things he could endorse/support in his weekly chat.

The obvious thing to do would be to just do a weekly podcast.

Plenty of topics are possible. Important developments on key issues, helping to mobilize phone calls and letter-writing campaigns to wavering Democrats. Interviews/feature stories about politicians in cities and states who are making a positive difference, helping to bring those politicians up to the next level.

belle de jour

“First of all, I don’t care if it would spark resentment.”

Agreed. And, hopefully, it would help not only continue to spark revolution, but to keep the flames burning on an ongoing basis, as well.

I don’t care if true revolution hurts the feelings of the truly revolting.



belle de jour

Great. Who doesn’t love a test on Friday? 🙂


have a strong feeling that he will not be supporting much of what either President does, if it turns out that way.

belle de jour

I actually think it would be great if he did act like a Platonic-level mirror president. And the resentment he sparks already is not coming from anyone whom I respect, so no worries there!


I would go more for the once a month. Leave ’em wanting more….

But yes, for sure! I suggested that in a questionnaire I got from the campaign.


Maybe try to reach out to Jane too? I remember Bernie talking about creating progressive news/talk organizations (the progressive equivalent of Fox News), and I’m sure that wasn’t idle talk.

I don’t know what the rules are about putting stuff up on C-SPAN? He still has his Senate seat, and will as long as he wants it (unless for some reason he gets the Dem nomination, and I’ve still got my fingers crossed).

He could use his YouTube channel (or start a new one) — and it could get distributed via blogs like this one or Facebook or Twitter.

The Occupy Congress event the other night reminds us all that reaching out to millions of people isn’t dependent on the MSM any more. No cable required. Costs of production are low. And Bernie’s got a base like no tomorrow.

Linda Thieman

Lots of great ideas! We could always add a petition to the mix.


It’s really unfortunate that Hillary’s sign off on a blank check to Wall St screwed so many out of their homes, esp black families.


But African-Americans who voted for Hillary aren’t low-information voters. /snark


Bernie is the rallying point for his revolution and I think his best effect would be to direct it when and as needed, more than just being a general voice of reason.

Many of the younger generations really don’t know what to do to actually fix things as much as they are willing to try and I think he should give direction so the whole movement can move more as one and those unsure while not be left adrift.


Vincent is not “an indulgence” imho 😊
He’s food for the eye, mind, soul……..

I think that since Bernie is an inspiring and inspired activist, that we not pin him down to a set time frame
But rather a semi formal arrangement where events drive his response to those events and his perspective on how to solve the problems as he understands them.

Since this election has sparked so much interest and coverage I have come across many thoughtful writers and academicians whose views we rarely have a chance to read in the MSM.

Many of the most interesting people have been Bernie supporters.

Like James Kenneth Galbraith, son of John Kenneth Galbraith, who teaches at the LBJ School of public policy and who wrote a response, I think, or joined a group of 150 other economists who supported Bernie’s economic plans.

Like Cedric Johnson at the University of Illinois who writes on history and social studies and specializes in African American studies. Cedric is the man who wrote an open letter to TaNehisi Coates criticizing his attack on Bernie Sanders for his response on reparations. And shortly after that, Coates came out for Bernie Sanders.

So, I think we need people who have the depth to articulate a well informed view that corrects the foolish and shallow comments normally expressed by the MSM.

I’ve actually been in touch with some of the people who have come to Bernie’s defense. I sometimes email them to thank them and sometimes they are nice enough to take the time to respond.

I am at this point so frustrated by the misrepresentation by the MSM of Bernie Sanders due to ignorance or worse.

Bernie has proven that ordinary people understand his message very very well.
And Bernie is, IMO, very well informed and very intelligent and instead of watching him get continually bashed by politically motivated or plainly ignorant media people, I would love to see and hear a more solid and rigorous view of where we are and what makes sense going forward.
Thanks for suggesting the fireside chats, Chasingorion.
A very good idea. 😌


Great that you’ve been reaching out in this way, and good ideas.


Yes, and I am thinking that he still has The List where it could be distributed and, from there, publicized. Alternative media certainly will have a place in this.

belle de jour

Am thinking this would be a wonderful opportunity – for many things, in many ways.

I’d love to communally? write Bernie (someone at Bernie’s camp) a head’s up letter describing what occurred at a traditionally dem outpost (The Seventh Planet), vs. what his movement has already inspired as real change to move forward (this place).

We are actual, living, hopeful proof that people have taken the Bernie ball, and have already started to run with it.

TPW is – even after a week or so – precisely the sort of direct, dynamic social media forum funnel through which Bernie and his like-minded progressive kin & ken could reach many folks with at least one weekly feature. We are the dream poster children, creatively and enthusiastically making exactly what involvement he described he wants to see at every level, at every state, reaching everyone we can.

If we frame it right, I do not see this as a hard sell to Bernie & co. as a new FDR fireside chat/feature model. At all.

The timing is actually perfect.


This is a great idea. He did a weekly thing with Thom Hartmann so this would not be so unusual for him. Also, he is a public servant; there’s nothing wrong with weekly chats to let us know what he is doing and how we can help him.

Demeter Rising

I think Bernie2016tv or The Young Turks might be the best place to host these live streams. Bernie is also a big fan of Reddit and hired one of the founders of /r/SandersForPresident for digital & social media efforts. This guy: Aidan King. Love him!
He is now a mod for /r/Political_Revolution. I can try to post there to see if he can pitch this idea to Bernie’s staff.

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