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The Progressive Wing stats for June 24, 2016 from Alexa

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*This stat comes from theprogressivewing.com and not Alexa


If there is any traffic from Indonesia, it’s probably all mine!


Here’s an interesting theory. Not sure what I think about it.

Has Obama Been Misleading Hillary About His Support?

Huffington Post — originally posted at Politicsnpop.com

In spite of his endorsement and continued support for her to be the Democratic nominee, has Obama really been misleading Hillary. It is quite possible he has been leading her on and that he really wants and expects someone else to lead the Democratic ticket.

President Obama knows the answer to the most important question at this juncture in the nomination process. Is he going to allow the DOJ to indict her on the many ways she has harmed national security because of her private email server? This question begs the next question of when are they finally going to let the world know if there is an indictment coming or not.


The two biggest signs our three point shooting prez is head faking Hillary include his declaration that the biggest mistake of his presidency was the Libya regime change. This would be the Libya regime change that Hillary pushed hard to make happen when most everyone else around Obama told him it would be a mistake. The majority of his advisers were right as this regime change led to ISIS becoming a big time terrorist force. This is almost like Obama saying hiring Hillary as his Secretary of State was his biggest mistake. The second is a real eye opener. That would be his arm’s length endorsement of HRC given in a video released by Team Hillary on Twitter. The mixed messages in this finesse move could include a warning. If Obama really is playing Hillary about his true intentions regarding an indictment that would be one of the more sublimely amusing parts of this entire angst-filled nomination process.

There’s a lot more at the link. You should read the whole thing. If this were to happen before the convention, it would be my dream come true.


doubtful. he seems to know his role quite well, thank you.

but would love to be proved wrong, as long as it’s Bernie he turns to.


I’ve posted this a few times too – REALLY curious to learn more about the author, how credible he is, his sources, contacts – certainly has MY attention ( wishes, prayers, crossed fingers)


I dunno. I just don’t see Obama letting the rule of law prevail…much less actually pursuing it. Warcrimes – meh. Torture – meh. Banksters – meh. Security breaches by the Über Caste – meh. James Clapper lies to Congress & The American People and Edward Snowden exposes him – James Clapper not only isn’t in prison, Obama still employs him; Snowden is a man without a country. The Fourth & Fifth Amendments – meh. Rampant corruption, racism & murder in America’s police forces – barely above a meh.

Obama is nothing if not a loyal Deep Stater.


HA! My tinfoil hat wearing self is totally with this! Seriously, on more than one occasion I’ve felt that he knows she will not be Pres. Or, better said, he will get payback for the best artful smear ever–the birther, turban wearing pic that has caused him great pain, lots of legal wrangling, and significant resistance and a de-legitamized presidency.

Whether that is through some backroom bargains where she is not indicted in exchange for some misdemeanors or not being included on an indictment against the Foundation, something is amiss. Will now stop talking because my CT crazy thinking is showing…


Oh I really like this one LSM..is that a Jedi light saber in there? Looks like one too me, but then I’m still on my first cup’a this morning. What a great way to start the day 🙂


I think it’s a pen – or whatever it was that they used to write with back then.


after another look I agree, goes much better!
“the pen is mightier than the sword”
Elder Statesman Sanders would never lead us in too an unnecessary war.
…deep thoughts there on that one, well done!


Yeah but a Jedi light saber is mightier than a sword too!

Jacquelynn Booth


See the young Turks or Google Clinton delegate Sanders delegate cane.

Racial & sexual overtones in NY state Dem delegates meeting June 21.

The tape must be seen to be believed. Hillary Rat-fucking Clinton’s NYSTATE DELEGATES REFUSE TO RECOGNIZE SANDERS’ DELEGATES.


My opinion is we must push (FOIA, etc, State Dept IG,. Justice/FBI investigators, Subpoena PRES OBAMA) to get data Obama, et al, in Administrative agencies are holding, plus raw, unanalyzed data, relating to HILLARY RAT-FUCKING CLINTON out in the open before election day.



(and I’m damn well not apologizing for the capital letters!)

The Democratic Party does not now exist. It has rotted and molded and disintegrated into an unidentifiable mass of putrid slush, like you find way back in the refrigerator, and can’t tell if it was a pear or a stalk of celery.

Don’t recycle. It’s toxic. It’s nothing but garbage!



I’ve already watched it, several days ago. Yeah the cane smacks were sickening as was the ignoring of the delegate’s motions.


I’ve said it before–that delegate should be arrested for battery.


a quill?


Very well done indeed! Statesman is not a word that we hear a lot of these days since there are so few that merit it.


Clinton’s greed, apathy deserved coverage

The Berkshire Eagle LTE — Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Over the entire presidential campaign season, faithful readers of The Berkshire Eagle who support Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump have been subject to a steady stream of attacks against their character, while Hillary Clinton has been treated as if she has no flaws.

In 2014, Mrs. Clinton spoke at the Long Beach (California) Boys & Girls Club, charging a fee of $200,000. Her convenient excuse for that fee was that the money she collected would be sent to the Clinton Foundation. Sadly, the Boys & Girls Club lost nearly $100,000 as the revenue from Mrs. Clinton’s event didn’t cover expenses.

It was also reported that Mrs. Clinton spoke for less than 20 minutes and never met with the children of the club. Conversely, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke at that same Long Beach Boys and Girls Club, charging a fee of $60,000, spent three days visiting the club’s children, while reportedly donating back every dollar.

Most Berkshire Eagle readers I know are big fans of the Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club because we know the tremendous work it does to help underprivileged and minority children. I’m fairly certain they would not approve of Mrs. Clinton’s actions. The Eagle has a responsibility to report that story, but many of us readers know they won’t, and that’s an attack on our intelligence.


What a zinger!


Telling, isn’t it?


Hi All, Just stopped in to see what’s up. Ms. jbob has been away this week so the horses and I have been spending a lot of time together. I’m heading out very soon to go stand in line to attend the “Where We Go From Here” town meeting with Bernie in Albany NY today. Doors open at 11 it’s in a 500 seat theater. The hate spewing forth over at TOP is incredible. I still can’t comment on this site from work computers. I don’t think the satanco fire wall is ever going to allow it.


Good morning jbob. I wish I could go to the town meeting..you are so lucky 🙂 Good luck on getting a good seat and give Bernie a wave, thumbs up and Feel the Bern cheer from me! I look forward to your reporting when you get back 🙂


Followed RA, and T & R’d – how long do you think you’ll be posting it there?


I’m guessing at least until the convention, with assists from @LieparDestin and others. The final decision rests with LD, of course, since he created the series.

It’s important to me to continue posting about Bernie and #OurRevolution there, in part because I don’t want to leave Birdies behind who can’t yet post here. But also because I’m not going to be bullied into leaving so that they can have the echo-chamber that some so clearly desire. And finally, it’s a good way to introduce TPW to those who haven’t heard about our new site.

But y’all definitely don’t have to go there if it stresses you out too much. And I’ll certainly step back if they start getting to me.


Thanks for keeping up the BNR over at TOP @nomandates! One of the points Bernie stressed in his speech today was that it takes guts to stand up for what’s right . He also used the “M”word. Morality, many of the positions we are supporting are the morally correct things to do. We advocate for them because it’s the right thing to do. We have taken the moral high ground. We will not yield.
 photo bernie_egg_3_zpstn6gz9a7.jpg

 photo bernie_egg_4_zpsv6as2982.jpg

 photo bernie_egg_1_zpsop4ju5m1.jpg

 photo bernie_egg_2_zpsucnffsdq.jpg


Ill T-R you nomandates as their are some good comments by fellow Berners and want to recognize the effort by you. I fly home pretty quick these days

Jacquelynn Booth

jbob- see video of NYC HRC delegate strike Sanders delegate.(TYT). Saddle up, and be ready to rope & tie the presumed D nominee to some TRUTH, if you can.
Verbal bullying is terrible, but striking a delegate is a declaration of war. Combat has been engaged, with silent, visual support of HRC delegates.
HRC,& apparently all her tribe (NOT a First Nations reference) will not allow Sanders reps to participate in the Dem party, even resorting to violence.
I will never acquiescence;. I will never fall in line.
HRC’s Democratic party must be dismantled, crushed, swept up and dumped in a landfill for toxic substances, and sealed with concrete to prevent contamination!

(I think I’m a little angry after the video of the Sanders lady being struck by the Clinton man’s cane. See. The Young Turks, et al)


He he was up by you and will be back up in Albany tomorrow! Glad to see you on–even for a bit!



Town & Village Blog LTE — New York, New York

After asking rhetorically if the progressive presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders is adopting the helter skelter strategy of the “warped revolution” of the murderous Manson cult family in 1969, Steven Sanders (no relation and no friend) writes that this veteran senator who has years and years of experience in the Senate actually believes that he can accomplish his populist program “immediately.”

What the senator meant was that a revolution of new voters could result in the Democrats taking control of the House and the Senate making it possible for his programs to be made into law swiftly. Steven Sanders also makes the “analysis” which he admits is “a bit outlandish,” that Senator Sanders hopes that Donald Trump will become the next President. Really? The Senator has repeatedly said that “Trump is a pathological liar…a danger to the entire world” who must never be elected. I believe that the senator means what he says; unlike his opponents, his whole campaign, indeed his whole career, has been forthright. He is the only candidate who has earned my trust.

Unlike his opponents, the senator has not flip-flopped on any of his principles or public policy issues. He has not let the polls dictate his campaign platform. In fact, he’s been saying the same thing over and over since he began his campaign and because of this single-minded purpose and his honesty, he rose from a low of 3 percent in the polls last year to within striking distance of the nomination now. And this despite millions of independent voters not being allowed to exercise their right to vote; despite the DNC chairwoman’s biased debate schedule (Clinton won’t debate him anymore); despite the handicap of President Clinton campaigning for Hillary which, according to President Obama, is like running against two candidates; and despite the elite superdelegate politicians influencing the voting process by manipulating the media to report over and over that Hillary is far ahead of Bernie in the delegate count even though 541 superdelegates could change their votes at any time.

Speaking of superdelegates, these powerful politicians of the Democrat Establishment have helped to make the presidential race uneven and unfair. Is it fair to a runner in a 2383 yard race to give his opponent a 541 yard head start? Of course not. Yet before Senator Sanders even entered the race, 541 Democratic politicians threw their votes to Clinton. I guess they thought no one on earth could possibly be a better candidate than Hillary, or maybe they owed the Clintons favors. Who knows? You’d have to have proof of that kind of you-scratch-my-back bartering and wheeling/dealing such as emails but, as reported recently in the New York Times, even mentioning the secretary’s emails has always been and will always be off limits. But the FBI may change all that.

But if polls can be trusted, unlike certain candidates who are considered untrustworthy (see The New York Times article by Amy Chuzick, “Emails Add to Hillary Clinton’s Central Problem: Voters Just Don’t Trust Her”), it seems that Hillary can’t do much better than a tie with Trump, a candidate whom everyone including the media has never taken seriously, even calling him a clown. A tie! With a clown!

Whereas the candidate whom all the Democrat big wigs thought was a longshot – a tired, old carriage horse compared to their Triple Crown choice – beats the Republican clown by double digits. Double digits! Thus the polls predict that Sanders, who incidentally has the highest favorable rating of all candidates, can easily defeat Trump whereas Clinton is a 50-50 gamble. The question is this: will those Establishment superdelegates consider changing their votes to support the popular Senator, as the Senator hopes, because he has a much better chance of winning? Or will these big shots stick with the Establishment choice, place their bet and gamble everything on Hillary? Here’s a clue: these professional politicians and superdelegates have been known to gamble before.

For example, for their best chance of winning the election of 1984, these elite experts gambled on Walter Mondale. Remember him?


We don’t need fools, greedy running country

The Tribune-Democrat LTE — Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Put (Donald) Trump in the dump. Tie Hillary (Clinton) to the pillary.

Put Bernie Sanders in the White House. A man with some fire in his heart. This land, this nation belongs to good people, not to fools and the greedy.


This Sanders supporter won’t jump to Trump

The Eagle Tribune LTE — North Andover, Massachusetts

I understand Donald Trump is saying that Bernie Sanders supporters are going to support him. Well I’m a “huge” Bernie supporter. I did a some work for the campaign early on and contributed what I could. And as long as Bernie is in the race I’m with him, although I realize he will not be the nominee. All that being said if and when Sen. Sanders suspends his campaign there’s no way I’ll ever vote for that fat cat Trump.

Look, Trump, like many other rich people has a “God complex.” He’s so wonderful and everybody loves him. The rich try to brainwash the rest of of us by blowing their own horn.

Aside from Bernie, the other candidate I like is Dr. Jill Stein from the Green Party. I want to say she is from Boston because she ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2010.

From that last sentence, it doesn’t sound like he’s jumping over to Hillary Clinton, either.


Love it! I sure wish I had the guts too post that one over at the Oppressive Place…two peas in a pod!


humm…interesting take on it…I’d never thought of it as a “God complex” before, but it makes perfect sense. Hill & Bill certainly fit in too the uber-rich people category and seem to smugly feel their actions and consequences are all above the law and beyond the scope of judgement by mere mortals.

I can see why he wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton either, I feel the same way.


If she wins I expect her to use the Clinton foundation thru Chelsea to make billions like Cheney did with Hallaburton . I believe her and her husband run it now Hillary and Bill will be billionaires when she leaves office


Hearing through the grapevine that the Green Party is working for that vote, at least here in Oregon which might seem a natural fit.

Don midwest

Will a BNR be published today by anybody?

Separate question: I thought that Liepar was going to publish all the way up to the convention.



Hey LD, one of my LTE’s didn’t go through. It just said awaiting moderation. Either a glitch or I’m already in trouble over here. ;^)

I have another question. When I go to my profile, where the 5 stars are it says “Votes” and has a number in front of it. What does that data mean?


I released it 🙂


Okay, I’m goin in to R&T…got my mosquito spray ready to fend off the probable swarms.

Raggedy Ann

Good morning, fellow Berners!
Got home late yesterday, so I can’t wait to watch Bernie’s speech at work during my lunch. Better computer that won’t crash every five minutes, lol! I loved reading the comments. I love you guys – such a great community to be part of.
So, BRexit won! This changes EVERYTHING! The world is officially in flux. This is why we must not give up on Bernie being the next POTUS. An intervention is needed in our world and the universe is responding. We are not in charge – the universe is and sending messages far and wide – change is coming everywhere! Be ready!
If nomandates puts up a BNR at TOP, I promised to go in and rec it. After Bernie’s speech, she said she was going to need a flame retardant suit to post the BNR. I LMAO at that one! A comment like that deserves me to suck it up, put my big girl panties on, and go in there to support her and the cause!!
It’s going to be an interesting day, week, month, year!! I’m thrilled to have all of you to experience this with. Fasten your seat belts!
Have a beautiful Friday, dear ones!


Anyone needs one, I got you covered.


I’m trying to add a photo of a flame suit, but having a problem.

Raggedy Ann

Thanks, la58!!!


Thank you, Raggedy Ann! Love the profile photo! You two are lookin’ good!

Yeah, change is pretty damn popular these days! When they give people a choice, they take it!

Everything is in flux which makes the status quo fans tremble. You know, if they had only paid attention to representing the people, we might be more content.

Raggedy Ann

if they had only paid attention to representing the people,

Understatement of the year, stephanie!!!!!


Oh but they do pay attention to “representing” the people. People like Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses Grant, Alexander Hamilton and all the other people on our currency.

Raggedy Ann

Good one, Mike!!!


Great point @occupystephanie ! Change is in the air and the status quo is struggling mightily to contain it.


Rats, the @occupystephanie didn’t ‘go blue’.


@magsview, I always go blue! lol


Good morning my beautiful birdies!

LD, I love the new blue and green bird logo!!

Now off to T&R BNR over yonder.


Interesting reading list:




he he he something for @loneaudience and @hollyanna et al. for the Reader’s Circle


@chasingorion Thank you! I see lots of “already read that” and “I want to read that” there. Cheers.


So many wonderful books, so little time! Watch the TBR pile grow…and the Netflix queue, too. Binge-watched Occupied while somewhat immobilized with a broken foot. Highly recommend it.


Keep in mind too that the majority of super delegates are white males—certainly not very “Democratic.” They need to be abolished. Far too many elites have a disproportionate amount of power in the Dem party.


honestly, i don’t like these colors that much, and the bird really wants to be on the left, giving him room to fly across the page, but not off it.

and THANKS, LD for listening to us all!


Agree. The purplish blues and grays are not really appealing to me.

What about a Shepard Fairy theme (color and stylistically)?

Below are quick mocks up for examples–it would need some work.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.00.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.59.03 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.28.14 AM.png

You have to click the photos above to see them.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.39.18 AM.png

More Shepard Fairy. His work is just so cool.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.30.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.30.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.31.40 PM.png

TY. very cool. haven’t seen them before.


I know I’m in the minority on this one–but those works kinda creep me out in a 1984 totalitarian state kind of way. Reminds me of Equilibrium, District 9 and all those dystopian flicks. Just a personal thing, I’m guessing


I like that one a lot but it looks like it should be on the back of a leather jacket.


I like the first one. and its interesting that we both have change YOU to WE.


Wow. I had not realized how undemocratic the state meeting in NY was. They literally shut out Berners, similarly to Nevada, on making Cuomo the chair.

An older, white male hit a young, female Muslim Amercian with a cane. Complaints brought brick wall faces.

Can you imagine if a “Bernie Bro” had hit an HRC female, PoC? Teh outrage.

Jacquelynn Booth

pb4. Not just undemocratic. Assault & battery. Bystanders complicit because they wouldn’t identify the man or offer protection or aid. Bernie convention delegates might consider carrying a tote with protective gear, NOT aggressive things, into the convention center. Hillary Rat-fucking Clinton’s plans appear to be in place. Delegates, be safe. Hillary’s obviously wearing a protective vest or body armour under her jackets, probably reaching half way to her knees. If she or Secret Service expects violence, anybody could be injured. Take care of yourselves.

Jacquelynn Booth

My professionally earned “bitch skills” are in use today! I tried to post on DK a real, factual account of the NY State D delegates’ violence against a Bernie lady of color – a w/m Clintonista struck her without reason, & etc.
So, the blog got pulled down, I had to check the box, but could still post.

Just for the hell of it, I went to Recent page, found small articles w/ few replies, and twisted the data to fit topics, used initials wherever I could to delay notice of the topic, but maybe the posts will get others to do research. Think I may have planted in 4 diaries. Like playing tag. Can they “tag” me out before people learn the truth? Well, let the games continue!


seriously? That’s disgusting.


Another attempt at exposing this truth was made. Also, perhaps worth mentioning, a post about Brexit and millennials resulted in a certain mouse getting TO’ed LOL

Jacquelynn Booth

I subscribe to The Humanist Report. Is it eligible for listing among the allies?

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