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Out of curiosity I wandered over to TOP

Still Spinning It Is sad.

Tuesday, Apr 11, 2017 · 10:14:00 PM EDT · David Nir
A lot of folks have wondered why the DCCC or other DC groups didn’t get involved here earlier. My take: Had the D-Trip started spending money here, it would have instantly nationalized this race and turned it into Ron Estes vs. Nancy Pelosi. That’s a recipe for a guaranteed loss in a district like this one. The only way this race was ever going to be close was via sneak attack.


Typical Democrat logic.


Thanks Benny! From The Guardian:


A feeble win for a Republican in a special congressional election in deep Donald Trump country on Tuesday hung tantalizingly, for Democrats, as a potential signal of voter discontent with the president and of a restored congressional majority in the unexpectedly near future.

But the apparent single-digit victory by state treasurer Ron Estes over Democrat James Thompson in Kansas’ fourth congressional district was explained away by Republicans as the result of low turnout and voter discontent with one of the country’s least popular governors.

Republicans from the president down made the election, in a district Trump won by 27 points in November, a focus over the last week, with Trump calling Estes “a wonderful guy” on Twitter Tuesday morning. Trump and vice president Mike Pence recorded robocalls to stoke Republican turnout in the race, and senator Ted Cruz hosted a rally in Kansas Monday.

Thompson, a first-time candidate, blamed the national pressure for derailing his surprisingly strong bid.

“I’m probably not supposed to say this, but Mr Estes did not beat us,” Thompson told supporters Tuesday night. “It took a president of the United States, and the vice president, the Speaker of the House, a senator coming into our state, and a bunch of lies, to try to drum up a vote.”

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