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Thanks for the link. I think several of us were not so impressed with the obvious campaign capitulation & treatment of Bernie delegates at the convention – most hurtfully by the campaign itself.

The piece is well-written until the end… where it peters out on a feeble, few-sentence non-defense of voting for Hillary Clinton (in spite of everything that had been cited in all of the above copy).

Seems a shame to end a thoughtful piece on that note; but the author doesn’t care anymore by that point, so I won’t either 🙂


Very interesting–particularly the stuff about the lack of organization or unified stance from the Sanders campaign. It looks like the delegates were left to wing it.

Linda Thieman

Yes, that does seem like a sticky situation. Sort of like being caught between a rock and a hard place. He’d already endorsed, so then to keep organizing his delegates might have made it seem like it wasn’t a true endorsement. Or this behavior might have been part of the endorsement agreement. Either way, I’m not too thrilled with it.


I see it as possibly the only way he could endorse and yet leave them free to dissent. Would have been nice to have a floor fight on super delegates.

I wonder if others were as disgruntled about it as this one apparently was, or if they enjoyed the freedom to disrupt. The ones that left may have either been upset at their treatment by the Clinton side or too poor to stay in a situation where they didn’t feel that they were making a difference. Or they may have been disgusted. Hard to say.


Yes, he was between a rock and a hard place. I’m not sure what he could have done differently. I am one of the thousands who donated to help send delegates to Philly and I’m glad that I did. Obama needed to see all those No TTP signs, Hillary needed to hear “No more war” I’m glad even on MSM the convention showed dissent.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Naked Capitalism has more content in 1 day than TOP/DK has in a month

Amazing to see the complete collapse of DK to be an arm for the DNC

They have always gone nuts at campaign time, but now it is over the top

Today on NC they have some questions about Hillary’s health which is followed up in the comments section. Could she have Parkinson’s? Is that why she has not had a press conference?

Been making some comments on NC but have not joined yet.

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