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Signed! This is unconscionable!


Signed and put on facebook.

Linda Thieman

Signed and tweeted. Thanks for posting this, Dr. Star!


Signed. Hope they listen.

thea lake

Hmmm. I just used Google to search “Presidential Candidates 2016” and got several hits including Stein’s name . . . .

Raggedy Ann

The petition is working already! Hooray! Great find, thea!

thea lake

I’m just saying, when I added “2016” to the search phrase, I got Stein’s name, too. Search terms change the nature of the results, so that’s what I attributed my results to.


I just put in presidential candidates and at the top of the page are four pictures titled Active Campaigns: Trump, Hillary, Bernie & Johnson. No picture of Jill Stein.

Although the 9th link down is to Jill Stein’s website.

Raggedy Ann

I was feeling silly, Thea. Good to see you again!


It’s her.


“Search giant Google, Inc. stands accused of manipulating its search results in favor of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, according to a new report published Thursday.

SourceFed, a YouTube channel with 1.7 million followers and with no obvious political affiliation (it primarily publishes a mix of news, pop culture, and explanatory videos) makes the claim, demonstrating that when a user types Hillary Clinton and then starts to type another word into the search box, Google’s recommended autocomplete results, which are meant to reflect the popularity of a search term (that is the most commonly search terms) don’t provide the most commonly used search terms and instead scrub negative links for positive ones.”

Who don’t the Clintons own?

Flourishing Of Years

I’d trust Google’s algorithms over a link from breitbart, the same website who thinks of Black Lives Matters as a terrorist group.


Someone at TOP reported that Jill Stein will now be on the ballot in AZ, along with Johnson, HC, and Drumpf. The diary actually got a few tips, which amuses me, but maybe not others.

Original source link

Flourishing Of Years

The reason searching for Jill Stein as a presidential candidate probably has less to do with censorship and more to do with the fact that she just doesn’t generate enough buzz for Google to prioritize in its rankings.

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