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Thanks for this upload. That is why I support Grayson.

Here is a very interesting investigative report on his opponent Patrick Murphy.

The Making of Patrick Murphy

It shows what is wrong with the Democratic Party.


Along with damn near being a republican, Murphy has been exposed in a number of lies.
Grayson has some issues, but his politics are good. Murphy is falling fast.


Thanks for the link. Patrick Murphy is more a POS than I thought he was, and I already thought he was a slimeball. Al Franken, decent senator on the surface, right? I got a number of money-beg emails from him and then I got this:


2016 is about more than a presidential election. It’s also our chance to retake the Senate.

Our MVPs are at the center of the fight for the Senate, and today, I want to show our support for two of them — Patrick Murphy in Florida, and Kamala Harris in California.

If you already know about Kamala and Patrick and you’re ready to show your support, make a contribution.

So before unsubscribing to his email list I sent him this:

Shilling for the Republican turned Limousine-Liberal, huh Al? Socially liberal; economically corrupt.
What a sad politician you have become. I don’t imagine anyone inside your beltway bubble will read this, but it will make me feel better to write it before I unsubscribe to your email list – shilling for Wall Street Chuck, Patty TPP Murray and now Republican turned Limousine-Liberal Patrick Murphy is too much.

From The Age of the Demagogues by Chris Hedges:

A faux liberal class, epitomized by amoral politicians such as the Clintons and Barack Obama, has led many disenfranchised people, especially the white underclass, to direct a legitimate rage toward liberals and the supposed liberal values they represent. Racism, bigotry, religious intolerance, homophobia, sexism and vigilante violence, condemned by liberal, college-educated elites, are embraced by those who have been betrayed, those who now speak back to liberal elites in words, gestures and acts, sometimes violent, designed to denigrate the core values of a liberal democracy. The hatred is the product of a liberal class that did nothing to halt corporations from driving tens of millions of families into poverty and desperation as it mouthed empty platitudes about rights and economic advancement.

I can not imagine you would read and contemplate what the essay offers – which is a real shame because, Al, you’d be worth saving from the path you’ve chosen, namely to serve the wealthy, fuck everyone else, and distract, distract, distract by offering up (valid) social issues, pretending they’re the only issues that can be addressed. It’s a losing strategy, and it is a shame you’ve embraced it. Oh, and promoting war – huge disqualifier in my moral code. Supporting HRC means promoting WWIII.

So, good health to you. Good-bye,


I’ll always remember the “What’s in it for me, Al Franken?” bits from early Saturday Night Live.
Truth in Jest is the saying that comes to mind.


yes! and i had such high hopes for Franken. His jokes implied he knew what was wrong.


Yup–when they can’t beat ya, they engage in the politics of personal destruction because they can’t talk about the issues!


Thank you. Even though I am on his mailing list, I have not paid much attention to Grayson. (One of his early emails irritated me. = )) Here he sounds pretty good. So what was that three questions about his “tone”?


If you’ve never heard his explanation of the Republican Health Care Plan, you shouldn’t miss it. I think this is how he got on most people’s radar. It’s only a couple minutes long….


Thank you for the clip. And here I thought I was the only one who watched C-Span. j/k

Unfortunately, I think the ACA has turned into the Republican plan with the addition of “First gives us all your money.”


It is nice to see …….”The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) launched a new TV ad on Tuesday targeting leading Florida Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Patrick Murphy over his career.”


I hope it helps Grayson in his primary battle.


Me too!


There is just something about Grayson i really like and I think its the fact he has the money and vibe to easily slip into the establishment fat and happy, but instead is a loud mouth against it.

He really does have those proverbial guts he campaigns on.


Love Grayson! When is the FL Primary? I hope Bernie comes out with a HUGE push for Grayson. Oh yeah, Murphy sucks…

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