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Thanks for this. Are you going to buy a copy for your boss? ( just kidding )


What a perfect setting for the latest from Caitlin Johnstone.

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I think I’ve finally got it figured out now.
As we all know, nobody actually wants Hillary Clinton to keep talking. Nobody, if they’re really honest with themselves, wants her to keep coming back, smearing Bernie Sanders, shitting on progressives, and blaming every living vertebrate not named Hillary Rodham Clinton for her loss in the 2016 election. Even her most ardent supporters are secretly wishing she’d just shut the fuck up and go away at this point so they could stop cleaning up after her and working overtime to spin her bullshit into something vaguely positive.
So why doesn’t she? Why does she keep coming back in, doing interviews, attacking the left, embarrassing her supporters and relitigating a primary election she’d do well to let the world forget? I think I know why.

The rest of the article can be found at the above link.


Great diary Mags.

Since you asked about the baroness thinks about the situation with North Korea…it was discussed on the Maddow show last night.

“Intense diplomatic intervention…upping our missile defense systems in Japan and South Korea to bring China to the table”. And if NK shoots a missile to Guam or some other US territory, there should be serious consequences. Bring on outside help if necessary.

I suspect Trump will listen to her when it comes to N.K. Look at what happened with Afghanistan and Syria.


And this saber rattling is why we have no money for MFA. Sigh.


Seems to me Clinton should run a Fortune 500 company since she refuses to retire.


I think that she will just keep giving speeches if she still can find enough suckers. Although she doesn’t have that “pay to play” option any longer.


Equifax, perhaps?


A few gems from AngryBerner.


Love this last one. But they seem to be unaware. Also, say how Nancy Pelosi, or fill in the blank, is a hero of yours. Or how you are cool with 80% of what Hill stands for. Then ask for unity.


Not sure if it was posted earlier but it seems to fit here.


“Bernie stole the good policy ideas that were proven to work and left Hillary with the ba ideas nobody liked. How is that fair?” Peter Douche. Gotta love him.



Number 3 deserves a Verrit. One can verify she lost.


Off topic but quite revealing.


Note that supposedly progressive Oregon’s Ron Wyden (immensely popular) is no. 2. It’s been sad to see the gradual deterioration of Durbin–or maybe I was just naive.



The tweets are everywhere lol.


she is such a sore loser 🙁



She really dissed Bernie in a private Podcast she did, advising that the Democratic Party should disassociate itself from all of Bern’s “pie in the sky” policies. Which, in reality, are all completely doable things.

here’s an exert from WAPO (which was a surprise since I’d always thought they loved them some Hills)

We knew from an excerpt of her book leaked last week that Hillary Clinton wasn’t particularly thrilled with the campaign Bernie Sanders ran against her. But in an interview released Tuesday, she really picked Sanders apart — at length.

Talking to the former Obama aides who now run the popular “Pod Save America” podcast, Clinton roundly denounced and dismissed not just Sanders’s campaign but basically his entire political ethos, suggesting it’s overly simplistic and awful for the Democratic Party. And at a time when Sanders’s “Medicare for all” proposal just happens to be catching fire among top Democrats, it’s difficult not to read this as Clinton’s effort to arrest the party’s tilting toward Sanders.

On the podcast, Clinton basically suggested that Sanders had no 2016 strategy except to promise impractical, more extreme things than she did

Don midwest

Media for the 68.5 million

I don’t know an easy way to make copies of the images

This looks like Trump on 3 x 5 cards

Hunch: the 1% want her to hang around so they can say

“both sides do it”

and since politics is only the 2 factions

they want to keep the “dem” party pinned down

the Clinton’s are the gift that continues to give to the 1%

and others who still have faith in the dem party

especially now that the repubs are so much worse


She’s a female variation of the tRump tune: narcissistic, stupid, clueless, me, me, me (ad nauseum), etc. Hope she avoids FL. Irma hit quite a few rich enclaves around here. Nature could care less about some stupid yahoo’s bank account. T and R!! 🙂


They’ll find a way to rebuild twice as nice and write it off. 😉


LOL. I think that it is a pretty good question.


We’ve been calling her media blitz the “Pity Tour” as that seems to be the required emotion from those who interview her. I was wondering what other possibilities were 😃!

I tried to “like” this but my ancient tablet gave me three blanks, and I didn’t want to hit something negative, so I’ll just say, “thanks, magsview!”

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