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Thanks Benny! We certainly can! I should be able to get it posted in here sometime after I get out of the office this afternoon. I’ll send you the link/etc in an email as well. [and if you read this orlbucfan I’ll respond to your email as well! Sorry for the delay!)


I hope she has a great day. I would love for her to be our first woman president.


She’s on my hopefuls list for 2020 with a couple others


Me, too! Happy Birthday, Tulsi!!!!


Check out the original Beatles performance of Birthday. John Lennon wrote the song and sang the lead-SOP-for the group. He was in bad shape by then, but that performance rocks!! LD: will watch for your email. No rush as this is YUGE family holiday. Do need the info though. ๐Ÿ™‚ HI is lucky they have Tulsi. She already is a rising progressive political star. T and TR to the usual suspects!!


Thanks, Benny!

“Daily Kos is back”

Jaw dropping, face smacking letter from Ryan Grim and Our Revolution. Wrote a post in HuffPo about how the GOS was neutral during the primaries. Neutral! Hahahahahaha! I guess they’ve been raising a lot of money. Money says it all, doesn’t it?

โ€œHeck, at times we took a shitload of flack for refusing to take sides, or for supposedly taking sides, because either you were with a group, otherwise you were against them,โ€ Markos Moulitsas, Kosโ€™ founder, told The Huffington Post.

Does he have any idea how dishonest that sounds?

I wrote him back.


BTW Proud third time grandmother as of yesterday! Bouncing baby boy. :O) I’m over the moon.


@polarbear4: major congratulations and kudos to you and your family krewe. BTW, that little bad boy entered this world on Easter Friday which symbolizes rebirth. ๐Ÿ™‚


That’s right, huh? Geez, after 12 years + nursery school of Catholic, you’d a thunk i would’ve remembered that. Thanks for the reminder and the kudos. :O)


What Have We Done: Executive Power, Drones, and Trump?

Jesselyn Radack has written better articles, but the point stands about how many gave Obama all these powers because they trusted him, without thinking about the precedent. Now Trump is expanding the hate and the killings.

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