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This was a winnable election if there wasn’t negative publicity on the Democratic side.


Mello is quit “progressive” by Nebraska standards…which is a threat to the neoliberal, Hillary Clinton country-club set and corporatist DNC. In my opinion this is why he was thrown under the bus, using PP, NARAL and anti-feminism as the excuse.

So far the DNC has not supported (funding) any “progressive” Dem candidates. They talk a lot about including progressives in the “Big Tent”, but when it comes down to helping them get elected they don’t. Progressives/populists are still seen as a threat to their grip on power in the Democratic Party. Nothing has changed there, FDR Dem’s are still shuttled to the back of the bus or thrown under its’ wheels. There is no “New” Democratic Party.

…to bad, this could have been a big win for the working class people of Omaha.


Even with the low turnout numbers and all the abortion hysteria against him, Mello did very well in this election. Omaha is very red; I have a friend who is an Omaha native and she is Repuke to her core. T and R to the usual suspects!! Thanks SG, humphrey, benny, polarbear4 and bebimbob for helping LD out. You all rock!! Also, appreciate the info on the PNW. I have it notated. 🙂

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