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Thanks Humphrey, great segment with many great points made throughout. MSNBC has never been a pillar of excellence but once it was at least an option if one was forced to choose. Now I find it of no value at all and have no sympathy for the hosts when they get called out for their ‘coverage’.


when they fired David Shuster (one of my all time favorites) – or he left on his own? – and Keith Olbermann and then!!!! the excellent Melissa Harris Perry?????
That was the tip off that they had become – were? – schlock, anti democratic wasteland…

Don midwest


I watch almost no TV. Spent maybe 2 hours on MSNBC in the last year.

But far too many people take this as the voice of the democrats

And the progressive voice

I watched the first part and clicked on notifications and lost it

hope to come back later


Good video! If “news” is on the tee vee, one has to remember that what one is being spoon fed is corporate “news” that has been corporate approved. Unless there has been a huge catastrophe or a big event, I stay far away from the sippy cup propaganda formerly knows as “news”.


re: “(I doubt that will happen.)”

Fortunately, humphrey, I also doubt, very much!, that will happen because of the integrity of LD. That’s why I feel comfortable here but not at TOP….

Thank you for posting this video. I also agree with it.
Rachel Maddow has been a disgrace.
She had Bernie on before the election – she went for an interview to his home in Vermont and they sat in a couple of chairs on the lawn. Rachel had an obvious agenda. Bernie made sense on all the issues as he always does and Rachel’s body language was an effort to dismiss his viability as a candidate. She is an arrogant, foolish, deluded and bought woman….ugghhhhh

Thank you, humphrey!

Chris Hayes disappointed me during the primary because he clearly was under pressure to introduce Bernie at the town hall he hosted during the primary as a quixotic candidate.
And now he seems to believe in the logic of Bernie’s positions….
So I’m disappointed in Chris, for sure, and maybe he should have stood up to Rachel during the primary because surely he knew better……

not sure how I feel about his role – I think at least he allowed Bernie the opportunity to make his points whereas Rachel tried to belittle Bernie (and just discredited herself and made Bernie supporters distrusting of her and disgusted by her)

This was an ugly display by Rachel.

And deep down she knows she is a shill because when she pontificates she takes on this know-it-all tone.

My husband warned me from the beginning that she was dishonest. It took me years to figure it out….

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