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Well all I can say is that Obama more or less set the precedent for failing to punish anyone when he should have jailed quite a few of the big shots.


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Don midwest

old joke

golden rule?

he who has the gold rules


Fer sure! 🙁


There was concern about some of the fine print-whether or not people were waiving their right to sue by checking Equifax to see if they’d been affected:

Also, this seems pretty low tech…for a tech co:


i’m leaving alone and praying for the best, for now.


I’m so sorry to hear this affecting you, wi59!! This corporate legalized robbery went into overdrive with Rayguns. I don’t know if there is a solution. It’s the haves vs. the have-nots, and the battle has gone on since the dawn of recorded history. We’re checking it out at our end. By using “old fashioned” (hah!) common sense, ID theft has been avoided at our casa. So far, so good. T and R, and thanks for this info!!!!!!


wow. wi! good for you. you are also one of the few people i know who is as cynical as i am. :O)

The jail thing really stings–so wrong, so neolibcon. i can’t help it–this seems to be a thing for me now. just pops out. 😉


The article from CNN Money was very useful. I’m enrolled in Equifax and the other two I had to pay fees (GRR) to freeze my credit history reports to keep others from looking at them; beware that what CNN doesn’t tell you is that Transunion tries to get you to pay other “Lock” account fees. That would be better, but they want to charge you a monthly fee for the privilege of having your own “lock box”. I expect Equifax will be like the insurance companies–they will stall, then force people to pay their fee when October 8th or whatever date they set for October.

My spouse has elected not to do this at the moment due to the double dipping of fees.

When I attempted to get my credit reports from Experian and Equifax, they told me I had to write in to get my reports. On the Transunion, I found errors with pertinent information (not so much the credit part, but work phone numbers, etc), but those have to be corrected by mail (and probably notarized at that).

I’m hoping Elizabeth Warren will stay on their backs.

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