HomeIssuesThe EconomyHR-676: Medicare for All has 100 co-sponsors. Over 51% of Democratic House Caucus now supports it.
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This is encouraging news. I hope Bernie will submit the Medicare for All in the Senate shortly after he returns to DC. It may not pass, but if you don’t propose, nothing gets done either.


The bill seems to be getting publicity that was lacking in previous congresses. That coupled with the Republicans failed attempts to destroy Obamacare is a step in the right direction.


I just emailed Rep Matsui, my representative here in Sacramento CA. Many CA reps have co-sponsored but sadly she will only do what Pelosi tells her to do. I think all Dems who do not co-sponsor should be primaried.


The composition of the Democratic US House Reps has been subtly changing over the past several years. Look at the numbers. There are less actual Democrats in the House. But look at the issues they support. You can see the gradual loss of the Blue Dog/DLCers, and more true Progressives. Hopefully, 2018 will accelerate this shift. Thanks for the postings, subir! Rec’d! 🙂


Great news! Thanks for posting diaries here, too. :O)

Don midwest

An idea whose time has come

And whose time was actually years ago

Now that we realize so much more about Clintons and their connection to the 1%, Hillary was not for single payer when she tried to reform health care. Even when running for president she said that it was unrealistic.

Yes her banker supporters didn’t want it.

Need to be able to shave money from the people anyway they can.


Subir!!! So great to see you!

You all may have noticed that NOT ONE Dem in CT has co-sponsored it. Pathetic. I get so disappointed in politics living here. Establishment $$$$ rules the day.

Time for some phone calls… 😉

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