HomeCandidatesI am sick, stomach upset, ill, extremely depressed. 25 initial thoughts on the 2016 election (in no ranked order) including – #1 most missed reason Trump won – all the hate speech on rural radio stations – hate speech left unchecked by Obama’s FCC
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Good Bye to the America you all once knew. Once the Republicans get done with this country, it will not be recognizable.

Don midwest
Don midwest

We have survived some pretty dreadful presidents/congresses/supreme courts in the past. We can do it again.

Trump is an unknown. We know what he said on the campaign trail – much of it out of sync with the Donald Trump he has always been. As well, he listens to Ivanka, and I don’t think she is a dreadful person.

Personally, I feel very little. I am not in a panic. I am going to be cautiously optimistic. Much of what you fear from Trump would have been true of HRC as well. Some of what you fear, i.e. cooperation with Russia, seems to be a good idea to me.

If we want a better world, the best we can do is fight for the 2018 races and take over Congress.

And one last thing. I’m really tired of urban elitists stereotyping rural white people in ways that they do not want to be stereotyped. Somehow, it is not okay to stereotype POC, women, LGBT, etc., but it IS okay to stereotype rural white working class. PLEASE stop.

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