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Pelosi is the consummate limousine liberal. She’s got hers no matter what. Majority, minority are all the same to her. She still gets to plot and plan and sell out the fools who voted for her. That selfish mentality is what got us here in the first place.


This is also diaried at c99. My comment there:

“This is really sad and pathetic. She is making a mockery
of herself. When Pelosi was first elected, she was a true progressive firebrand. Now, she’s just a growing-senile old lady with a bad face lift and plenty of coin. Please retire, Nancy!!”

I remember her being elected. She came from a Baltimore MD political family. I hope the guy opposing her halfway resembles what she was in her youth. T and R, humphrey!! 🙂


Thank you Humphrey.

I was disappointed in this interview for many reasons:

a) I’ve been hearing a lot of complacency over on the Dem side which is very discouraging to me. Chris Murphy saying that we’ll have “lots of time” to address healthcare, for example. And Pelosi didn’t sound like she has a sense of urgency either. About 2018, her own leadership role, or about what the people of this country need.

b) Pelosi throwing out the new marketing:

“What is important is that we have the lively debate on a better deal,” Pelosi said.

No, what we NEED is a better deal, a much better deal! That’s the important part. There’s too much focus on the debate part. No sense of urgency. If we focus on what we need, with a sense of urgency, the “debate” will happen naturally.

There’s been too many Dems listening to too many consultants, from what I can tell. The language is too careful. The language is weak!

And, to be frank, she sounded a bit out of it. Kind of scary coming from her leadership position.


Nancy took the green acid, man.


If she sticks around the Rs will have a constitutional mandate which will be the end. No wonder the Rs want the Ds to keep her around.

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