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Add to this mix: Mike Pence did not support Roy Moore and was disturbed by the allegations. He supported appointed Sen. Luther Strange, who had won the primary, may have continued sitting in the seat. I think Pence and Shelby encouraged R’s to do a write-in, which I believe could have tilted the results had they backed Moore, but Moore was heavily flawed. Cenk Ugyur said Moore was at the bottom of the barrel. Now if we could find a way to get rid of some of the other crazies like Steve King in the House.


Its the evangelical mind set along with the typical “God, Guns and Gays”. Every time you heard Moore speak you heard something about 1 of these 3 directed to his base. I wonder about the women that voted for him though didn’t they listen/believe to the numerous women that came forward? if it was only one person I too would have some doubt but not in this case.


The thing about Christianity for me is it’s really a ripoff of other religions. They didn’t adopt the sign of the cross until hundreds of years after Jesus’ death. They changed from the fish to the cross because it was a more recognizable symbol. The cross, the death and rebirth, the flood and many other aspects of Christianity were used by the Sumerians and the Persians long before Christianity. If you believe a sky god is watching over everything you do and keeping score, like Santa Claus, you’ll pretty much believe anything. Imho, we’d be a lot better off without religion.


Great post, displaying some real out-of-the-box thinking (particularly the notion that evangelicals could be allies in fighting against economic inequality).

Having grown up around these people, I remain very skeptical that the clergy has the courage to challenge the savage tribalism of their communities. In places where conformity is king, can we expect organized religion (the guardians of the orthodoxy for centuries) to lead the push for change?

To their credit (as you note at the end), the black evangelical community has a history of doing this, so maybe it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

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