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I wish I knew more about the intersections and dissections thereof in BDS and Palestine, which why I seldom comment on these diaries. But what I glean for myself is that there needs to be a two state solution, Israel shouldn’t ration what available good, clean water there is from Gaza, and I don’t understand the refrain by AIPAC (among others) that they (Israel) are the sole democracy in the middle of the world is why we continue to supply them with more money than God. The situation has festered too long.

Keep posting even if we don’t post many comments at this point in the infancy of TPW. We’re learning from your diaries. I also read Informed Comment on occasion, as Juan Cole has an interesting perspective about the ME.


Good point on the “vaunted Jewish mind,” known far and wide for its engagement with the Torah. While many scoff at the abstract nature of such analytical musings, it often serves as a foundation for other, critical thought.

They wouldn’t have to worry if Isreali leaders would treat Palestinians and others like human beings. Follow the actual Torah, I imagine.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Zionist getting more aggressive & the world figured out their game

They continue to destroy Bedouin villages. The criminal behavior continues full speed ahead!

Israeli forces demolish Bedouin village of al-Araqib for the 101st time


This is when I wish I had an angry face icon…. >:-(


Got this email from Jewish Voice for Peace today. I signed. Follow the link and sign the petition!

This morning I woke up to the terrible news that 27 people were made homeless for the second time when Israeli bulldozers demolished five structures in the South Hebron Hills village of Umm al Kheir. When I was there last month, a group of international Jewish activists and I helped rebuild a house demolished there in April. Now we need you to raise your voice to help prevent even more demolitions.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only village facing immediate demolition now. You may have heard about the village of Susiya previously: the village has been facing nearly constant demolitions in recent years, as well as settler harassment, crop destruction, and direct violence from Israeli soldiers.

You can make a difference , but you must act now.

Today, Susiya’s future lies in the hands of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the ultra-right wing Israeli Defense Minister.1

We must say unequivocally that the destruction of Palestinian homes and lives do not represent our values or our Judaism. The ongoing campaigns of destruction and dislocation of Palestinian lives functions as one of the most heinous prongs of an entire system of discrimination, oppression, and colonialism.

If you and 20,000 others sign this petition, we can mobilize Secretary Kerry to intervene in the demolition orders and make sure that Israel Defense Minister Lieberman does not allow the destrcution of Susiya and and further demolitions in Umm al Kheir.

This is not an isolated instance of injustice. Demolitions are just one devastating example of an entire system of discrimination that Palestinians face on both sides of the Green Line.

A settler leader in the settlement of Carmel that overlooks Umm al Kheir said in a statement today: “I hope this is the beginning of a new trend.”

But we know the trend of demolitions is actually decades old. It’s our job to actually start a new trend of respect for Palestinian land and human rights. Especially because Susiya could be demolished as soon as August 15.

Please join with thousands of others to tell Jon Kerry that the destruction of Palestinian homes and lives do not represent our values or our Judaism.

Last month I spent time in both of these villages while I was leading a solidarity delegation with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence2 – planting fields, rebuilding demolished homes, eating and laughing together, talking and sharing our experiences with one another. My group and I were invited to observe Shabbat in Susiya – a courageous act of solidarity for the people of Susiya, for whom contact with Jews so often means being subject to settler and military violence.

The thought of families – who had so graciously hosted me despite all they’ve been through – having their lives destroyed breaks my heart and boils my blood. If the thought of home demolitions, forced evictions, and military occupation committed in your name breaks your heart and boils your blood as well, please sign and share the petition.

The good news is that we aren’t the only ones horrified by Israel’s plans. Rabbis for Human Rights, MoveOn, J Street, Rebuilding Alliance, and other advocacy groups are all joining forces to stand up for Susiya and against Israeli human rights abuses.

Please join me in standing up for Palestinians in Susiya and Umm al-Kheir today.

Ashley Bohrer
Jewish Voice for Peace &
the Center for Jewish Nonviolence


I signed it, too. Thank you for sharing — I hope it can make a difference.

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