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Thank you for posting. So much for the “peace process” and a two state solution. Human dignity and the rights of a people lose to more of the same old failed neocon/neoliberal approach.


We must get active to push the next administration for a major change in our M.E. policies and the constant act of not being an impartial player in the negotiations. It must involve getting active in the streets and voicing our concerns, as we cannot watch this slow genocide of a people and their culture continue.


I really think that Billary are too darn stupid to realize how destructive and destabilizing the Likud aggression is.
I don’t care where they got their degrees or honors, they are clueless and unethical.
They pander to the worst, least responsible, in industry and govt.
How can we deprogram or decorrupt them?
I’m all for pressuring them to do the right thing but they seem stuck in some imaginary Cold War paradigm.


Clinton is many things, but stupid she is not. It must be benefiting her to have such an immoral outlook and political stand on the Palestinian/Israeli issue.


Geez, I wish Obama would respond and let them know they need to keep to their agreements. Much better use of his time than sending more drone strikes on civilians in Syria.


Neither of the presidential candidates will do anything to stop Israel’s theft of what little Palestinian land is left. It’s a very depressing situation. On this issue I am not sure what the most effective way to move forward is.

This clip is from almost a year ago:

Historian: 2016’s is ‘most Jewish’ race
Ex-White House staffer tells fed major donors of Jews’ political rise

A presidential historian and former White House staffer told an Aug. 11 gathering in Long Branch that the 2016 presidential race is shaping up to be the “most Jewish” in history.

“Think about it,” said Dr. Tevi Troy. “Both leading candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have machatunim,” Jewish in-laws of their daughters. (Chelsea Clinton is married to the Jewish Marc Mezvinsky, and Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, married the Orthodox Jared Kushner, originally of Livingston, after converting.)

“It’s remarkable how little comment there is” on this phenomenon, Troy said. “The larger American society accepts this with nary a second thought. I can’t think of any other country where the leading candidates have machatunim — except Israel.”

Troy served, in the administration of George W. Bush


This article is from 10/30/13:

Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Secret Call to Hillary Clinton: Hollywood’s 2016 Support Assured

Hillary claims to want big money out of politics. But she won the primary using big money.

p.s. It’s amazing that Bernie did as well he did when you consider that Hillary and those behind her have been setting this up for many years. And he didn’t use a super-pac AND was thwarted with electoral shenanigans AND was disparaged and/or ignored in the corporate media etc.

Spring Texan

Very discouraging, but not at all surprising, and especially as Clinton will be the next president and is much worse on Israel than Obama.

joe from Lowell
joe from Lowell

On Israel, and on Iran.

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