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Sorry to hear that LD. I’ll donate to TPW for good karma for your job search.



I’m trying to login to my PayPal but it requires checking off the monthly box. If you can get that fixed (unfortunately I can’t commit monthly as I’d like), I’m happy to donate.


Wow LD. I hope this surprise leads you to better times!


LD: watch snail mail for the next 10 days. Also, if you need references, please let us know!!!


Did this job loss happen cos of Hurricane Maria?


Oh good luck LD! As I keep my eyes open, what kind of work are you looking for?


Sorry to hear of the ruthless management decisions, LD. Sure hope you find something that is much better.
Unfortunately I’m in the dark here on job hunting in Dallas but just in case this is of use:

I googled staff auditor jobs Dallas – just as a guess about what you might have in mind. You may already be familiar with – INDEED.com which apparently has an app with job offerings which may be a start……It also allows you to upload your resume if that’s a plus.

Hopefully even if this doesn’t help it will lead to other opportunities.

You are sooooooooo skilled at finding, compiling, presenting, all things Bernie!
Maybe the best there is, but I don’t know what that’s called!!!!
Does Senator Sanders know of the work you’ve done on TPW?

One of your skills/qualities that I’ve commented on before is that you are so fair minded (not ideological or dogmatic or authoritarian). So refreshing for someone who hosts a web site, especially a political web site.

So those are fine qualities in addition to your professional training and I hope there is a place of work that values your intellectual honesty….

(Maybe there are other job search engines of use in Dallas too.)

Is it of interest to check out Mark Cuban at the Mavericks? Maybe there’s a fit?
Not sure why that came to mind…..maybe a silly idea, lol……

Best of luck, please keep us posted!


^^^^^^^^eve^^^^^^^^^^ R this comment! 🙂




Check out glassdoor.com for jobs. They have listings for everything from janitors to executives. They ferret out a lot of jobs that are not advertised, too.


Don’t forget to file for unemployment insurance! Your jerk employer owes it to you to pay out something!

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